Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers day is just around the corner and it’s time to get thinking about gifts. Dad’s can be a hard person to buy for, I know my dad doesn’t really like ‘things’, instead the gifts he likes the most are items he can use every day, simple items he will enjoy using.


Tom Dixon Note Book & Pen

Even in this digital age, a note book and pen is still a great gift. Make sure the paper quality is good; heavy and think. Choose a pen which is beautifully designed with a good weight and writes well. Tom Dixon is always at the top of my boyfriends wish list, it’s not hard to see why!


L’Occitane Lavender Shower Gel & Hand Cream

There is something about L’Occitane Lavender products that men adore. I swear to go, my dad love their hand creamhand wash and shower gel, my boyfriend loves the soap and shower gel and my boyfriends dad always uses the foaming bath. If I ever need a fail-safe gift for my dad, I go straight to L’Occitane for the Lavender Collection. I think he loves how soothing and relaxing it is, it’s very clean and natural and remember, a lot of mens cologne contains lavender so I think the scent matches nicely with any cologne he might wear later.


True Grace Candle

Does your dad have a study or a home office? Then consider buying him a scented candle! I promise, he will love it! All my friends laugh at me for buying my dad candles, but I swear, he really loves them! My mum will burn really feminine floral scented candles, but if I buy him more masculine scents of lavender, leather, oud and amber, he loves it. He burns them in his study and if he working late, I think he particularly enjoys them. Try True Grace Cabinet of Curiosities, it’s a stunning blend of woods and spices which have almost an old, well travelled feel to it. Beautiful and masculine! The True Grace brand was actually started by a man and I think for this reason some of the scents do have a very manly feel to them, which is why they are a great option for a dad.


Dermalogica Shave Kit

Great skin is a good gift for anyone and I know my boyfriend always adores it when I give him Dermalogica skin care! It has a no-nonsense feel to it, driven by science and always giving great results. It’s also great because each bottle is a nice big size and always lasts him a good few months. Believe me, some products (mostly mine!) he can rattle thought in just a few weeks! He also loves the the daily cleanse and the eye smart cream.


Clean Reserve Fragrance

My dad loves really natural fragrances, the kind which is super subtle and really clean, which is why I have picked our Clean Reserve Rain (Reserve Blend) for him. It has a soft, fresh scent of bergamot, white flowers, patchouli and vetiver, it’s very aquatic, fresh and clean. It is unmistakably beautiful quality ingredients, but it’s not so in-your-face. It’s really special and really beautiful. If you have never heard of Clean Reserve, you should pop into Space NK and have a look, they have some stunning fragrances which are simple, clean and refreshing.


Noble Isle Whisky & Water Collection

Dad’s love a good bottle of Whisky, why not treat him to an alternative bottle of whisky in the form of Noble Isle’s Whisky & Water Collection. Filled with notes of amber, jasmine, orange blossom and rose, it has a wonderful warmth and smokiness to it which is like whisky in a refreshing, aquatic way.


Thalgo Gift Set

If your dad does travel a lot, then this Thalgo Gift Set could be perfect for him! It contains a body wash and face cream, which let’s be honest, along with toothpaste and deodorant might be all he needs for an overnight stay. In which case, he can just pop the extra items in the bag and he’s good to go! Both items are under 100ml so they are perfect for flights and the body wash has a ‘wake-up’ feel to it.


ESPA Skincare Fitness

Does your dad love to go running? So does mine, although as every year passes, he complains more and more about aching limbs and stiff joints. I always tell him to take it easy, but I think he just loves to run. Anyhow, if your dad suffers from sore joints like mine, why not treat him to products from the ESPA Skincare Fitness range? He can run a bath and let the soothing, warming formula ease his aches and pains. If after his bath he needs a little extra TLC, then this ESPA Fitness Body Oil will again sink deep into his skin to warm aching muscles and help ease his aches and pain.


Babyliss Super Crew Cut

Not the most glamorous of gifts, but handy for him to have if he doesn’t have time to go to the hairdressers or if he needs a quick cut before he travels the next day. It can be used from any direction and it’s almost impossible not to get an even cut with this Babyliss Super Crew Cut.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Dad’s LOVE Ray-Ban sunglasses, actually, that’s not true, everyone loves Ray-Ban sunglasses! My dad broke his pair last summer when he was in Cornwall and I know he still kicks himself for the error. If your dad made a similar error or if he’s been wearing high-street sunglasses for the past few years, treat him to the good stuff.

What will you be buying your dad for Father’s Day?















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