A Year On: Terry de Gunzburg ‘Terryific Oud’


Terry de Gunzburg Terryific Oud

A year ago Terry de Gunzburg released the fragrance Terryific Oud. It was love at first spritz and of course I gave it a glowing review. Over the past year, this fragrance has become one of my very favourites and even though I have a hefty fragrance wardrobe, this is one of that I continuously come back to and it’s rare a week goes by when I don’t wear it. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I always reach for Terryific Oud and I’m never dissapointed. Similarly, when I travel, I only ever take a small bottle of perfume (I usually pack a 15ml bottle for fear of it being confiscated by border control) when I return home, this is always the perfume I reach for first as it’s the one I missed the most. It’s not just me who loves this perfume, my friends always compliment me when I wear it and the amount of times I have hugged a friend and they have gone in for a second hug to smell it again. Admittedly, I feel a bit weird about this second hug, but it highlights my point. In short, I’m obsessed with this perfume and I have been wearing it and loving it for the past year.

Of All The Oud…

Oud fragrances have been a huge trend over the past few years, nearly every luxury perfumery has dabbed with the use of Oud, all giving it their different twists. Some brands stay true to the raw material, others blend it with other notes to give it a different dimension. Oud as a raw material comes from resin which comes from the agar tree and when smelt alone, it can be quite harsh, almost sharp and smoky. What Terry de Gunzburg had done with Oud is she has blended it with notes of rose, Iris, patchouli, berries, musk and Amber to soften and warm the oud and give it a really glamorous and feminine feel. It has this wonderful warmth to it; hot and dry, with heady, beautiful rich roses, it has a real powdery feel to it and a touch of sweetness with the iris and berries, just a hint! I also love the way Terry de Gunzburg Terryific Oud lasts all day long and barely changes from the moment you spritz to the time I go to bed, it just fades a little. I can spray it in the morning and hug a friend 8 hours later and they will tell me how good I smell. All day long, it’s embracing, rich, warm, glamorous and addictive. I loved it a year ago, I love it even more now.

If you fancy trying Terry de Gunzburg Terryific Oud for yourself, you can order it online from Harrods, Selfridges and Space NK.