Perfume: Narciso Rodriguez ‘Poudrée’


Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée

With the original NARCISO fragrance, I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance. NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée captures femininity at its core in an even more seductive way. It is both tender and powerful and immediately addictive

-Narciso Rodriguez


Enhanced by a velvety smooth floral blend of white jasmine petals and Bulgarian rose with signature woody notes of vetiver and black and white cedars, the scent lends warmth and potency

My Thoughts

I generally wear quite dark, moody perfumes filled with ambers, oud, red roses and patchouli, I usually wear unisex perfumes and when I wear something a little more feminine; I like glamour, not girly. Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée is soft, sensual and feminine and theoretically, it’s not my style. Then I wear it and my-oh-my, I’m obsessed! Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée is one of my favourite fragrances they have ever released, possibly even my favourite ever, it’s filled with sumptuous notes of velvety Bulgarian roses and pretty jasmine. The base is rich and woody, but throughout the fragrance there is a feel of powdery, pastel pinks which have a hint of the ballet and a touch of vintage to them. Perhaps it’s the vintage feel it has which makes me love it so much, it has a touch of glamour to it, with doll-like beauty. It reminds me of soft lace dresses, vintage velvet upholstered chairs, the kind which are beautiful but threadbare at the edges, make-up powder puffs, post-theatre floral and dried roses on a dressing table. I have fallen head-over-heels for this perfume!

Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée is available now from House of Fraser.