Perfume: L’Occitane ‘Violette & Rose de Mai’

 L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review bottle fragrance new limited edition

L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai

L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai is a limited edition fragrance which has been created to celebrate the 40th Year Aniversary of L’Occitane. This floral fragrance is available from L’Occitane from May 2016 and costs £52.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Rhubarb, Cassis, Mandarin, Orange,

Heart Notes: Rose de Mai, Geranium, Violet Leaves

Base Notes: Santal, Musk

Perfumer: Violaine Collas

In Review

Well, well, well, isn’t this perfume a delight! I am a huge fan of rose perfumes and I also adore the scent of violets, so when I heard about L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai, I knew I wanted to try it! So off I toddled to London to attend the press launch. It was a hefty little round trip, but it was worth it, the rooftop of the London ME Hotel was filled with flowers, fragrance and friends.

Anyway, let’s talk about the perfume shall we, first of all, if you think of Palma Violets or old ladies when you hear the word ‘violet’, forget it, put all those connotations to one side! Personally,  I love the scent of violets, they are naturally sweet, fresh and oh-so-feminine in a unique and slightly vintage way. When blended in the right way, violets can be modern, exciting and elegant. Violette & Rose de Mai contains violet leaves, which give the violet a very fresh, crisp, green feel. Once blended with a hint of zesty bergamot and mandarin, the fragrance becomes super fresh, summery feel. The rose and the violet shine through the citrus and the perfume is very much a floral, but the green leaves and citrus give it a fresh twist. The rose notes have pink tones to them, almost a rosewater effect, and the violet has a freshness to it with sweetness and green notes. L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai is modern, feminine, unique and fresh. It’s perfect for Summer! It is on the lighter side and on me, it doesn’t last all day, but that’s normal for citrus and violet based perfumes, as they tend not to disperse fairly fast. I always quite like topping up a perfume half way through the day anyway!

L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review


L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review


L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review

L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review

L’Occitane Violette & Rose de Mai perfume review



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