Perfume: La Perla ‘Just Precious’ 

La Perla Just Precious perfume fragrance scent review

La Perla Just Precious

For the most sophisticated woman, lingerie by La Perla is the perfect expression of her femininity. the delicacy of lace, the sensuality of satin, the smoothness of silk… La Perla lingerie is as precious as the finest jewel. a glimpse of lace beneath a chiffon blouse, a bow peeping out from underneath a jacket – these simple yet sensual adornments are all they she needs to feel instantly special and intensely feminine. Just like a jewel or the finest lingerie, fragrance is a pure expression of seduction, created to be worn secretly and seductively on the skin…


Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Orange Blossom

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Peony, Tiare Flower, Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli

In Review

I once got given a couple of those tiny department store testers of this perfume, I used one and decided it wasn’t for me, and I gave the other to my sister-in-law in a box of bits and bobs. Inside the box there was oodles of lovely things, but mostly items which were not quite my style; pale pink lipsticks, taupe blushers, brown mascara, perfume testers, you know the kind of thing, odds and ends of luxury items which I just didn’t need or were not colours I would wear. Weeks later she told me how much she loved the box of treats and told me she particularly loved the La Perla perfume. She went on and on about how much she enjoyed wearing it and how she was planning on buying herself a bottle soon. Whilst La Perla Just Precious might not be quite my style, I still wanted to feature it as it’s one I would highly recommend. First of all, this perfume is great value for money, it’s a 50ml bottle and via John Lewis it costs just £25. That’s pretty amazing! Secondly, the bottle is lovely, it’s classic, feminine and a lovely dressing table accessory, I didn’t have to work hard to make it look lovely in the photos, it did that on it’s own! Thirdly, if this is your kind of style, I can’t think of a nicer perfume for a better price.

So onto the fragrance, La Perla Just Precious bursts open with a heavy hit of orange blossom, it’s sweet, floral and citrusy. It’s quite intense, sexy and feminine, it is blended with bergamot and mandarin, but it’s the vanilla and orange blossom which really dominate. The heart of the perfume is filled with a garland exotic, feminine florals; tiare flower, peony and jasmine, which is again, very pretty, summery, ladylike and sensual. The base of the perfume is heavy and this is where you will find the vanilla which is present through the perfume and gives it the real sweetness and almost caramel tones. Along side the vanilla, you will find rich warm notes of amber, sandalwood and powdery patchouli. La Perla Just Precious may not be my style, but I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who loves sweet, sexy fragrances. I can’t think of any other perfume which costs £25 and smells this good, you know when you can tell the quality of the ingredients are good, that’s how this perfume is, it feels like a really luxe perfume. Also, you don’t need to spray much of it and the perfume does last all day long. Even though it’s not a perfume I would buy for myself, it’s one I would definitely buy for others and always recommend to a friend who loves sexy, sweet perfumes. I’m very, very impressed with La Perla Just Precious!

La Perla Just Precious is available from John Lewis and costs £25 for a 50ml bottle.

La Perla Just Precious perfume fragrance scent review

La Perla Just Precious perfume fragrance scent review