Travel: Monster Diamondz Headphones in NYC


Monster Diamondz Headphones

Whilst my boyfriend is obsessed with Bose Headphones, I personally favour my Monster Headphones. The sound quality is amazing, they fold-up neatly in my handbag and best of all, they look insanely good! Earlier this month I was in New York City and I really put my headphones to the test whilst I was there.


Six hours to New York was no biggie! My Monster Diamondz Headphones were perfect for the flight, they sit super snugly over my ears and block out almost all of the noise from the engine, meaning I was able to zone out and forget I was travelling. I listened to music, drafted some blog posts and watch The Big Bang Theory with perfect sound quality and barely any interruption from the noise of the plane. Brilliant!

Out and About

Manhattan is such a ‘walkers’ town. It’s long and flat and often it seems pointless to get a cab or a metro as everything is always ‘just a few blocks away’. Next thing I know, I have walked 10 kilometres in a day. Yikes! These headphones were perfect for New York as when I wasn’t wearing them, they were folded up neatly inside my handbag and didn’t weigh much in my handbag. When I was wearing them, holy moly, the sound quality was incredible! It felt so good to walk around the city listening to my favourite tunes. Over the past few months I have been using the standard iPhone headphones and I forgot how amazing music can sound with good headphones. Incredible! Suddenly songs I thought I was bored of became exciting again and I couldn’t wait to rediscover many of my favourite albums in technicolor. These Monster DiamondZ make music was full, clear and defined once again. I had forgotten how bad iPhone headphones are and how good Monster DiamondZ are!

Commuter Life

Now that I’m back in Old Blighty and living the commuter life, these headphones are amazing for my train journeys into London. When I get on the train at Margate, the train is nice and empty, but as the journey progresses, I often find myself getting annoyed by loud conversations and screaming children. These Monster Diamondz headphones are a commuters dream, they block out all the noise of the engine, crying children and general background chatter. Instead, I can listen to my favourite bands and sit back and enjoy the journey. If you love music and you have a hefty commute or even if you listen to a lot of music on the go, I urge you to ditch the iPhone headphones and invest in some Monster’s, my favourite are of course the DiamondZ as they look incredible and use all their best technology, but if you want something a little cheaper, Monster have loads of amazing options!

Monster DiamondZ can also be found at Harrods Technology department instore now!







    • fashionforlunch
      May 31, 2016 / 6:48 pm

      Aw! thank you! I love them so much! I’m glad you like them too!!!