OOTD: Margate Harbour Arm

boden amanda handbag yellow kelly style bag

Welcome to Margate!

Welcome to Margate! Where the sea is bright blue and the sea-breeze does crazy things to your hair! Sometimes in life, you have to pick your battles and quite frankly, I wanted the clear skies and blue sea as a backdrop more than I wanted neat hair. Although, to be perfectly honest, my hair is so overgrown that the ‘ridiculously windswept’ look probably discussed than the straggly ‘rats tails’ look I’m going for right now. I need a new hairdresser pronto! 

Gelato Milkeshake

The best thing about this shoot is my photographer, Samantha Taylor (look her up if you need a Margate / Kent based photographer, she’s amazing!) brought her toddler with her. He kept running in the shot and holding up his bubbles and fruit snacks, just as he had seen me holding up my handbag and sunglasses. He also mastered the art of shoe poses; you know the look, feet together, one heel lifted up slightly. He might only be 2 and a half, but damn, he nailed it! As a reward for being such a good model (and well behaved), we took him to our favourite Ice cream shop, Melt, for Gelato Milkshakes (best things ever!) 


In terms of my outfit, you have probably all seen me wearing this Boden cape a million times already, but it’s my favourite. My bracelets are by Hiho Silver as I love their equestrian themed jewels (I used to love horse riding and my mum still have a horse which she rides every day). As for my boots, I’m so happy with them! I got them for an absolutely steal, I won a £50 gift voucher for Lovethesales.com and I managed to find these Vagabond boots for just £40, which is insane! And of course, the Cartier Love Ring never leaves my finger…

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Boden Charlotte Cape

Boden Amanda Handbag

Hiho Silver Bracelets

 Tom Ford Sunglasses

Cartier Love Ring

Carat London Ring

Vagabond Boots

As always, a huge thank you to Samantha Taylor for taking my photos, she’s such a good photographer and she loves ice cream as much as I do! 

fashion for lunch style bag

pretavoir tom ford sunglasses black

pretavoir tom ford sunglasses black

pretavoir tom ford sunglasses black

boden amanda handbag yellow

vagabond boots black snakeskin chelsea boots

cartier love ring in gold

boden yellow handbag detail kelly style bag bright sunshine yellow

hiho silver snaffle horse bracelets

vagabond boots black snakeskin chelsea boots

boden charlotte cape beige style inspo

vagabond boots black snakeskin chelsea boots

vagabond boots black snakeskin chelsea boots shoes



  1. May 31, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    Love this shoot!! Let’s hope for warmer weather so those sea shoots are a bit more ermmmm pleasant ?

    • fashionforlunch
      June 1, 2016 / 8:10 am

      Let’s hope so!!!!!!