Beauty: & Other Stories S/S16 Beauty Collection 


& Other Stories S/S16 Beauty Collection

I was first recommended & Other Stories by my sister, she absolutely adores their clothes and beauty products. She urged me to try them time and time again and she was so right! They are great quality, colours and textures, with a very fast forward feel, lots of modern twists on classics which feel modern and exciting. Here are some of my favourite items from the & Other Stories S/S16 Beauty Collection!

Canvas perfume Oil

This teeny tiny Canvas Perfume Oil is a roll-on perfume which contains a soft and minimalist fragrance from their Cotton Care Collection. It’s perfect for a handbag or suitcase and it smells wonderfully cool, fresh and breezy. It’s perfect for a midday top up on a hot a muggy day.

Luminising Quad

This is my current handbag favourite, it’s amazing! I can do so much with this Luminising Quad, it’s perfect for pre-meeting top-ups and a make-up quick fix. With this tiny quad I can blush, bronze, illuminate, contour, highlight and shimmer. I have been known to experiment and use it on my eyes, cheekbones, under my eyebrows and all sorts because it’s just so versatile. Super handy and great value, my handbag would be lost without it!

Samite Gold Body Oil

This Samite Gold Body Oil leaves your skin looking and feeling great! This product works in two ways; firstly the macadamia oil is hydrating and nourishing, leaving your skin looking naturally healthy and radiant. Secondly the gold shimmering partials give your skin a summer glow of radiance! I also love it as it smells like fresh figs, which is one of my favourite scents!

Nail Polishes

These polishes are inspired by fabrics, which is such a great concept. Of course the silver is my favourite, it’s fancy and fabulous and reminds me of vintage lamé dresses! The red has a beautiful orangey tint to it which is super glossy and reminds me of patent leather shoes.


You can never go wrong with a good red lipstick and this one is particularly specially as it has a slight orange tint to it which is a really cool twist on the classic red. It’s not a look everyone can pull off, but if you can make an orangey red lipstick work, it’s a winner! It’s also has a slight matte finish, which is totes on trend right now.

Silver Eyeshadow

I feel like a brit-pop princess when I wear silver eyeshadow, it totally takes me back to my Kenickie / Bis / Suede fan days. These days I try to be a little more subtle with my make-up, so instead of covering my eyelids with silver, I use it for corner accents instead. Many of the silver eyeshadows in my case are  loose or cream powders, which are fine, but I often make a mess with loose powders and the cream powders can feel a little thick and cakey. Instead, this pressed silver eyeshadow is easy to apply and lightweight to wear. It’s got a great pigment to it, a real heavy hit of metallic silver, brilliant!

Cheek & Lip Tint

For me, I prefer this Cheek & Lip tint as a blusher as it gives the most beautiful blush effect. It melts into the skin and leaves wonderfully dewy rosy cheeks. It’s a little like a MAC one I use to have, but it’s creamier and lighter, I used to find the MAC red blusher was too thick and strong and I used to spend ages trying to put it on super lightly and then trying to tone it down with extra foundation as it was too red, eventually I would get the right colour, but it was a lot of effort. This tint gives the perfect rosy glow with a buildable colour in one effortless application. It’s another great handbag product as it has two functions, which is always good when you are using a tiny handbag.

Body Lotion

I only have one sachet of this body lotion, but I’m mega impressed with the Havana Blues fragrance, it is a blend of lemon, jasmine and dried tobacco leaves, it’s got a real summer nights feel to it; hot days, camp fires, after sun and almost a faint reminder of blue raspberry bubble gum which I was only ever allowed on holiday. It’s light, hydrating and really unique. Another body care collection I love from & Other Stories is the Perle de Coco collection, which I blogged about here, again, it’s really unique and well worth checking out. Out of the two, I think Perle de Coco is my favourite as it’s just so delicious!

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