Beauty: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2016 Collection


 Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2016 Collection

Welcome to Paradise! Every Summer Estée Lauder release Bronze Goddess, which is a fragrance filled with tropical joy. Want to know more about the 2016 collection? Then keep scrollin’!

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skin Scent

You know it’s summer when Estée Lauder release Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skin Scent. It comes out every Spring / Early Summer and it’s quite an exciting time. Bronze Goddess smells like Summer in a bottle, it’s everyone’s favourite summer scent (seriously, everyone I know goes nuts for this perfume) and it’s only available in the summer months. It contains warm citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin, mixed with exotic florals of tiare, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom, with a base of rich warm ambers, vanilla and coconut milk. Close your eyes, spritz this perfume and you literally are on a hot, sunny beach wearing suncream, sucking on citrus lollies and surrounded by tropical flowers and fruits. It’s pure joy! It’s fairly light, so you might want to top it up mid-way though the day (no hardship!) or layer up with the bath and body products to make the scent last a little longer. Whatever you do, Bronze Goddess is a perfume you need to have in your fragrance wardrobe. I still have a tiny amount of last summer’s bottle left because I always want to save a little for a rainy day!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Anyone who has ever tried Estée Lauder’s make up will know what great quality it is. I was brought up using my mum’s Estée Lauder make-up and often given pieces items from her christmas Beauty Box which didn’t suit her complexion. It’s possibly where my love of red lipstick started, as she never wanted to wear shades of red so they were always offered to me. Anyway, the quality of their make-up is gorgeous and this Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Eye Shadow Palette is packed full of warm gold tones which are perfect for summer days and night, lots of shimmering tones as well as nudes and even a more adventurous peacock blue. All packaged up in a very flashy gold case. It’s great for a handbag and with the exception of the blue, I will be able to wear every single colour in this palette, which is rather handy!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi Palette

Whilst I would class the Bronze Goddess eye shadow palette as beautiful, practical and luxurious, it doesn’t excited me quite like this Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi Palette. What can I say!? I love this palette! I get super excited by a good blush, contour and highlighter set and each colour is spot on. The pink blush is beautifully warm, peachy and pretty. The highlighter gives you that flawless glow which makes you look like you have amazing bone structure, and the contour makes it look like you have hallow cheekbones and best of all they do it in a super pretty, summer, radiant way! Whoop whoop!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator

This Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator has been so popular it has already sold out on line, so if you want one, keep checking back for restocks, or head over to your local Estée Lauder counter. It’s can be used wherever you fancy, on your collar bones, cheekbones, temples and shoulders. Wherever you fancy a little extra shimmer and radiance!

Bronze Goddess Exfoliating Body Cleanser

What can I say? Wake up and smell the sunshine and summer holidays! If this Bronze Goddess Exfoliating Body Cleanser doesn’t put you in a great mood in the morning, nothing will! It’s the perfect way to start your day and even better when combined with the Whipped Body Creme…

Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme

This body cream is exactly the opposite to those crappy body lotions which you get at christmas time in those crappy gift sets. I’m often a little sceptical of fragranced body lotions as I have been so disappointed by them in the past, but this one has changed my mind 100%. I literally love this Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme, it smells exactly like the perfume and when layered up with the body wash and skin scent, the fragrance lasts much longer and it’s a much more definite scent too. I’m not normally excited by fragranced body lotions, but this one, is special!

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