Kiss Air Candles: Cocktail Fragrances

Kiss Air Candle Cocktails gin and tonic candle

Kiss Air Cocktail Candles

I’m not even kidding, I literally did a squeal when these Kiss Air Cocktail Candles dropped through my letter box. Like seriously, scented candles to smell like Gin & Tonic?! That’s bloody brilliant!!

Gin & Tonic Candle

Kiss Air Candles have been making cocktail scented candles for a while now, Frozen Margarita, Pina Colada, Mojito etc. but it’s only recently they have started making a Gin & Tonic fragranced candle and I am seriously smitten. This candle has top notes of soda and  citrus; heart notes of rosemary and juniper and a base note of warm, woody cedar. It smells like warm summer days with floral gin and fizzy tonic, as well as herby notes of green trees and cut grass. It’s fresh and so much fun! It also comes in a handy little tin so you have the option of snuffing it out (which I always prefer so my room doesn’t smell like smoke) and it’s made of soy wax which is way better for you than paraffin wax.

Cocktail Candles

Whilst you are ordering a Gin & Tonic candle, you might want to have a snoop around the Kiss Air Candles website to see what else they have. Personally, I love the Pina Colada candle for it’s sweet creamy coconut scent. The Frozen Margarita is also delicious as it smells like sweet limes. If cocktail candles aren’t your thing, then you maybe check out their classic Floral collection, Fruity flavours or my personal favourite, the Foodie collection which includes fun fragrances like Toasted Marshmallow, Toffee Apple and Lemon Drizzle cake. Can I get a Yum-me!?

What do you think of the Kiss Air Cocktail Candles? Would you be tempted to buy a Gin & Tonic scented candle?

Kiss Air Candle Cocktails gin and tonic candle