Fragrance: Lanvin ‘Arpège’

Lanvin 'Arpège' perfume fragrance review classic

Lanvin Arpège

A Melody of love, The love of a woman, of a mother for her child, her family. The harmony of music, composed like a poem, an ode to femininity. A flamboyant perfume of emotion and delight.


Lanvin Arpège was created in 1927 by Jeanne Lanvin for her daughter Marie Blanche. She wanted to capture her personalty, love and warmth. Lanvin Arpège is known and loved worldwide and considered a classic fragrance. It is often compared to Chanel No. 5.

The Fragrance

First things first, I have a real thing for classic fragrances. What some consider to be old-fashioned, I consider to be timeless, classy and fabulous. I love an aldehydic floral, powdery base note and hints of feminine florals like rose, violet and iris. Lanvin Arpège is full-on classic, it was developed in 1927 and like all classic fragrances, it has had some slight reformulations, but according to my research, it has remained very true to the original perfume. It has that feel of days gone by; Delicate trinket bowls on a dressing table filled with powder puffs, pearls, dried flowers and lipsticks, it’s glamorous, soft and feminine. Lanvin Arpège is filled with aldehydic florals, those slightly soapy, waxy, metallic notes, which is lightened with the fresh citrusy bergamot. There is soft and delicate fresh florals in the perfume too; rose, iris, lily of the valley and jasmine. At the base of the perfume is rich resins, powdery patchouli, sensual musk and sweet woods. It’s not for everyone, but for those like me, who love classic fragrances, Lanvin Arpège is a must. It is powdery, floral, classic and filled with the glamour of days gone by. Obsessed? Yes! There is a reason why this perfume still exists almost 90 years on.

Lanvin Arpège is available from House of Fraser, Liberty and Harrods

Lanvin 'Arpège' perfume fragrance review classic



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