Fragrance: DKNY ‘Original Woman’ Summer Limited Edition

DKNY ‘Original Woman’ Summer Limited Edition perfume review

DKNY ‘Original Woman’ Summer Limited Edition

It’s summer in New York City, and the heat is on. Flashes of neon colour and saturated hues pack a bold punch against the electric backdrop of the legendary skyline. Intoxicated by the promise of all that is possible, DKNY lovers return to the fast pace of the concrete jungle for the sleekest new experience to rush the senses.


Top Notes: Goji Berry, Citrus Sorbet, Peach Bellini

Heart Notes: Pink Water Lily, Violet, Wet Rose

Base Notes: Cashmere Woods, Musk, White Amber

My Thoughts

Despite being a little old for most of the DKNY fragrances, I still really like them. They always manage to nail that fresh fruity-floral vibe, but there is a crispness to them and a lack of sweetness which always manages to make them feminine, without being too girly. Maybe it’s because they are inspired by New York City and where the Summer heat can be oppressive and anything too sweet would feel sticky and claustrophobic. Inside, there is freshness which cuts through the hot air and makes their fruit-floral fragrances feel clean and breezy. DKNY’s Original Woman is all these things; pretty, fruity-floral, fresh and pretty. It’s youthful, but elegant, the sweetness of the peach has a freshness to it, the lily, violet and rose have a sophistication to them. Fans of DKNY fragrances will love this one, but if you want it, make sure you buy it soon as it is a Summer limited edition and it won’t be around for long!

DKNY Original Woman Summer Limited Edition is available exclusively from Superdrug from April 6th 2016. Priced at £41 for a 100ml bottle.

DKNY ‘Original Woman’ Summer Limited Edition perfume review

DKNY ‘Original Woman’ Summer Limited Edition perfume review