Fragrance: Dear Rose ‘Mentha Religiosa’

Dear Rose Mentha Religiosa perfume review fragrance harrods beauty

Dear Rose Mentha Religiosa

The scent of peppermint awakens me, Bringing my senses alive…

And with each passing hour, the perfume of incense slowly transposes me, places me at the heart of things…

Where you can hear my beating heart, if you come close…Where I exist


Top Notes: Peppermint, Bergamot, Petitgrain

Heart Notes: Incense, Iris, Heliotrope

Base Notes: Woods, Cedar, White Musks

Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin

My Thoughts

Once again, niche perfume brand, Dear Rose have nailed it with another fabulous fragrance Mentha Religiosa. It’s quite an unusual perfume, as there is a top note of peppermint which I wasn’t sure if I would be into, but actually, it’s perfect! The peppermint gives a hint of freshness to it, the kind of freshness which you might expect from a lemon-based perfume, which seems to cut through the hot sticky heat of the day and instead makes you feel clean and revitalised. Along side the peppermint you will find more fresh notes of smoky citrus bergamot and the leafy, orangey petitgrain. Behind these fresh, uplifting top notes you will find slightly richer and darker heart notes; Incense, iris and heliotrope, giving a feel of warm woody smoky notes with a rich sweet florals. On the dry down you will find a more sensual base, sensual white musk, sweet cedar wood and a selection of other woods. Dear Rose Mentha Religiosa is a glorious summer day perfume, it has a freshness to it which is like an early morning breeze before the heat of the sun kicks in, or being on a yacht in the ocean where the ocean breeze and the hot sun meet, part warm, part refreshing. It’s a leafy green peppermint mixed with smoky citrus, warm woods, smoky incense and rich florals, fresh with luxurious depth!

Dear Rose Mentha Religiosa is available exclusively at Harrods, when you next pop in, make sure you try Mentha Religiosa. The perfumer behind his perfume is Fabrice Pellegrin who has created many iconic fragrances with brands like Valentino, Diptyque, Hermes and Jo Malone, to name just a few.