OOTD: FitFlop High Tops


FitFlop High Tops

I’m not gonna lie, we took the these photos super fast as we I really wanted to go and eat gelato on the seafront whilst it was a beautiful day! My photographer, Samantha, kept urging me to change locations where the light would be prettier, but to be honest, I just wanted to get these photos taken fast so we could have some afternoon ice cream fun! Maybe I should blame my shoes (rather than my love of gelato) because these FitFlop shoes are so damned comfortable, they just make me want to seize the day!

Laser Kitten Brooch

I got this brooch back in December, just as I moved house, I was SO happy when I got it as I have been following Laser Kitten on Instagram for ages now. Next thing I knew, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Devastated! Then last week, I was rummaging around in my Moschino X Barbie Backpack and I found it! I must have put it in there for ‘safe keeping’ and it slipped into one of the little pockets. Isn’t it brilliant?! I’m so obsessed with Laser Kitten, go check out their website!

Cleo Ferin Mercury Tiger Scarf

Roar!! How cool is my scarf by Cleo Ferin Mercury? It’s double sided and made of silk twill. It’s like a big long tiger, wrapped in chains. I couldn’t resist styling it up with my Moschino handbag. I need to do a blog post about her new scarf collection, as it’s super amazing and I’m just not doing it justice! Head over to her website to see her amazing animal inspired scarves!

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Moschino Bucket Bag

Next denim Jacket – FitFlop High Tops Sneakers

Cleo Ferin Mercury Tiger and Chains Scarf

Chanel Brooch (try Vintage Heirloom for similar)

Hiho Silver Bracelets  – Laser Kitten Brooch

Laura Gravestock POW / BAM Rings

Elegant Touch Nails

Cartier Love Ring

All photos taken by Samantha Taylor, the best photographer in Margate!

moschino yellow logo handbag bucket bag

blue tiger scarf cleo ferin mercury animal scarf

laura gravestock boom bam pow rings cartoon

hiho silver snaffle bracelets

lazer kitten brooch edward scissorhands

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fitflop trainers shoes high tops

fitflop trainers shoes high tops


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