Fragrance: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Black Opium Nuit Blanche’

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche

Live the night with Black Opium Nuit Blanche, an electrifying new interpretation of the iconic Black Opium coffee signature. A seductive white coffee floral fragrance designed to give the wearer a burst of energy to last through the night. Nuit Blanche translates to ‘White Night’, a night in Paris once a year when rock chicks take control and make the city their playground until dawn.


Top Notes: Rice, Bourbon Pepper

Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Coffee

Base Notes: Vanilla Absolut, Sandalwood, White Musk

My Thoughts

First of all, I need to talk about this bottle, I just love it! It’s such a beautiful, fresh take on the classic Opium bottle. The black glitter finish is inspired by the Parisian nights’ sky, isn’t it dreamy!? It’s not just the bottle which is gorgeous, the perfume inside is also a stunning. Opium is a classic, it was a huge fragrance in the 80’s and 90’s, my wealthy and fabulous grandma was a big fan of it, it’s rich, opulent and fabulous. Black Opium Nuit Blanche is a modern twist on a classic, it’s lost it’s aldehydic florals and instead it has fresh florals as well as a younger, sweeter and sexier feel. It’s a fairly complex perfume; it has a real dark, smoky warmth to it, filled with rich coffee and bourbon. It also has a sweetness to it, with it’s vanilla absolute and sensual white musk. There is a freshness to it, which really lightens the feel, there is as heavy hit of Orange Blossom,  but I have an inclining it also contains jasmine and rose too. It’s one of those beautiful evening perfumes, which is heady, sexy, sweet, fabulous and playful. Yep, I’m obsessed with it and I don’t normally like sweet perfumes that much, but this one is special!

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche is available at YSL Beauty, Selfridges, John Lewis and Harvey Nichols

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