Fragrance: Shay & Blue ‘Blacks Club Leather’

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather perfume fragrance cologne

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather

Blacks Club Leather – the aroma of the London private member’s club, Blacks of Soho. A perfectly smooth and unisex leather fragrance. Round, full and rich, the scent of the fireplace mingled with leather, antique furniture wax, old books and a warming brandy.


Top Notes: English Leather

Heart Notes: Cognac, Brandy

Base Notes : Fire Wood,  Mahogany, Beeswax

Perfumer: Julie Massé and Dom De Vetta

My Thoughts

Over the last few months I have been loving boutique perfumery, Shay & Blue. Their Salt Caramel fragrance, is so delicious I can’t get enough and Framboise Noire is good, that my boyfriend and I are still trying to claim this unisex fragrance as our own! In an attempt to steer him away from Framboise Noire I got him a Shay & Blue fragrance which is very masculine and therefore, just for him! Blacks Club Leather is inspired by the London members club, Blacks of Soho. I have been here a number of times and it’s easy to see how this iconic venue has inspired a fragrance. The venue is an old building, filled with original features and most of the walls are painted dark grey with high ceilings and big windows. the chairs are made of rich, old, leather, the coffee is always delicious, the cocktails are sophisticated and there is oodles of antiques and books around the building. Blacks Club Leather smells like an amplified version of all these things; spice, leather, oud, coffee, brandy, firewood, old books, woods and sophistication. It’s rich, heavy, heady, smoky and masculine. Thankfully he loves it so much, Framboise Noire is mine, all mine! If your man loves a fragrance which smells like oud, leather and old money, then you need to get this fragrance for him!

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather is available from Shay & BlueHarvey Nichols and John Lewis.

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather perfume fragrance cologne

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather perfume fragrance cologne