Fragrance: Yardley London ‘1770’

yardley london 1770 perfume fragrance

Yardley London 1770

In male fragrance, the focus has been traditionally on fresh, ozonic and marine accords that suggest a clean transparency, but we are now seeing a broadening of the spectrum towards warm, woody, ambery and spicy notes that convey earthiness, moodiness and perhaps even a touch of darkness and mystique. This daring to break the convention, whilst maintaining a classic edge inspired Amandine and myself in the creation of 1770

-Jean Charles Mignon, Perfumer


Top Notes: Bergamot, Fig Leaves, Black Pepper

Heart Notes: Floral, Cacao Bean, Cedar

Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss, Musk

My Thoughts

Yardley London’s heritage can be traced back to the early 17th century, however it is 1770 when the brand was officially established. This fragrance is inspired by the high society gent if yesteryear and the dark, mystic of the gentleman’s clubs they frequent. This fragrance might be targeted towards men, but actually, I would consider it unisex. I have worn it a few times myself and I think it’s as suited for a woman’s skin as much as a mans. At the top of the fragrance, you have zesty bergamot and green, woody fig. The heart of the perfume is florals with a hint of sweet wood. At the base of the perfume you have moss, musk, vetiver and patchouli. It also has a hint of spicy black pepper, which I feel you can detect throughout the fragrance. On my skin, the patchouli and musk are more evident, but I can imagine on a man, the moss and vetiver as more noticeable. This fragrance is warm, woody and spicy, perfect for a man and a woman, especially is budget is tight. I’m not sure I could find a nicer fragrance for the money anywhere else!

Yardley London ‘1770’ is available at Yardley London and Boots.