Fragrance: Shay & Blue ‘Salt Caramel’

shay and blue salt caramel perfume cologne fragrance

Shay & Blue Salt Caramel

Salt Caramel, the pure temptation of the gourmand. Inspired by English chocolatier to the Queen Charbonnel et Walker’s Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, this is an irresistible fragrance composed of waves of caramel and bourbon vanilla cut through with sea salt and sandalwood. Tempting and indulgent.


Top Note: Liquid Caramel, Sea Salt

Heart Notes: Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood

Perfumers:  Julie Massé and Dom De Vetta

My Thoughts

Usually when it comes to fragrance, I stay away from super sweet scents, but once in a while, something comes along and it blows me away and changes my opinion. Shay & Blue Salt Caramel is so sweet and delicious, that I just can’t get enough, it’s truly and utterly addictive! It’s delicious, like a liquid desert that I just want to douse myself in. Shay & Blue Salt Caramel opens with a deliciously smooth and sweet hit of caramel and tangy sea salt. The heart note is tonka bean which is woody, sweet and almost nutty. At the base you will find warm, embracing sandalwood and vanilla bourbon which has a smoky whisky sweetness to it. This is one of these moments where I wish you could smell fragrance through your screen because this perfume is so damned delicious, I just love, love, love it! It’s sweet and addictive, but it’s also rich, decadent and sophisticated, making it the perfect gourmand perfume!

Shay & Blue Salt Caramel is available from Shay & Blue, John Lewis and M&S.

shay and blue salt caramel perfume cologne fragrance

shay and blue salt caramel perfume cologne fragrance