Home: The White Company ‘Lime & Bay’

the white company lime and bay candle collection

Homewears Over Hermès

A few months ago I bought my first home (read more about it here) and since then we have been working with an architect and a team of builders to shape our house into becoming the perfect home. Suddenly all my money is being spent on homewears, rather than Hermès and instead of collecting coloured handbags, I’m collecting paint swatches. Whilst my house is still looking like a bit of a building site, I can start to seeing it all coming together and I’m getting excited about paints, sofas, light fittings and home accessories. I want every key area of the home to have a fragrance;  fresh and clean for the kitchen, uplifting for the office, warm and smoky for the living room and floriental for the bedroom.

The White Company Lime & Bay

Earlier this month The White Company launched their new home fragrance collection, Lime & Bay and I’m very excited about it! It’s so clean, pure and zesty, it seems to cut through all the builders rubble and make everything feel fresh and Summery. I know it’s about -50 degrees out there and everything is covered in a layer of builders dust, but with this candle, I just don’t feel it. The fragrance is predominantly Lime & Bay, it also contains hints of mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lemon, jasmine, lime blossom, ginger and patchouli. I can’t quite describe how clean and zesty this candle is, but it’s so delightful! Once my kitchen is done, I will be investing in the diffuser and the candle because it’s exactly how I want my kitchen to smell!

The White Company Lime & Bay collection is available as a large candle, classic candle, tea lights, home spray and diffuser.

the white company lime and bay candle collection