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annick goutal candle

Spring Scents

My house is upside down right now and piled high with builders rubble and planks of wood. Imagine an indoor timber yard crossed with a Miele warehouse and it might look something like my house right now. It’s going to look amazing when it’s done, but for now, it’s kind of a mess! I’m a scented candle addict at the best of times, but right now, it’s pretty much the only thing keeping me sane. When there’s builders hammering / drilling / banging in the background, it’s nice to be able to be able to battle my inbox with headphones and a scented candle to make me feel like I am a million miles away from the mess! Here are my current favourite Spring time scents!

cowshed simply gorgeous candle pink

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Candle

This Cowshed candle is sweet, exotic floral blend fills my heart with joy! It’s just so girly, pretty and sumptuous, I can’t get enough! It’s like fresh, pink florals and it brightens up my house (and mood) in a jiffy! Love it!

orla kiely blue lavender candle

Orla Kiely Lavender Candle

Not gonna lie, this Orla Kiely candle is a treat for the eyes, as well as the senses! The candle smells of fresh, punchy lavender and it’s so strong I can smell it when it’s not lit. It’s soothing and relaxing, which is perfect for cosy evenings in with my boyfriend. It has a burn time of about 40 hours, which is probably the same number of hours it will take me to decide what to do with the jar once I have burnt the candle down. Make-up brush holder? Paperclip pot? The possibilities are endless!

yankee candle serenity candle

Yankee Candle My Serenity Candle

The thriftiest option of the lot, but no less lovely. It’s a soft, smooth scent of warm pear, sweet orange and tropical florals. Yankee Candles rarely disappoint and this one is a current desk-side favourite!

etro ambra candle

Etro Ambra Candle

Have you ever found a candle which is so rich and luxe that you wish you could literally wear it on your skin as a perfume? That’s how I feel about this Etro candle. It’s simply stunning. It’s warm amber, with a touch of vanilla. It makes  my home smell like amber perfume and freshly baked cakes. So good my perfumes are jealous of it!

annick goutal candle

Annick Goutal Petite Chérie Candle

This final candle does have a perfume in the same scent. This Annick Goutal candle shares the same fragrance as one of their signature fragrances, Petite Chérie. It has a super luxe fruity floral feel of peach, pear, rose, musk and freshly cut grass. Simple, elegant and stunning! This is a Saturday morning kind of candle, it’s far too special for every day!

orla kiely lemon diffuser

Orla Kiely Sicilian Lemon Diffuser

Finally, if you are looking for a diffuser, my current favourite by a million miles is this Orla Kiely Sicilian Lemon diffuser. It smells so fresh, clean and zesty, it’s incredible. It is noticeable as soon as you walk into the room and it’s so nice even my boyfriend has commented on how much he has enjoyed it!

Do you have any current favourite home scents for Spring?