Fragrance: Caron ‘Delire De Roses’

Caron Delire De Roses perfume fragrance rose heady high end fragrance

Caron Delire De Roses

This composition interweaves flowers, leaves and fruits, bringing together all the fragrant aspects of roses from all over the world. Stunning and delicious, it evokes the sweet scent of wild roses.


Floral Head Notes: Blended Rose Petals, Lotus Flowers Absolute.

Fresh Sillage: Lily of the Valley, Green Rose Leaves.

Fruity Imprint: Jasmine Absolute, Lychee.

My Thoughts

Caron Parfumes have been on my radar for a while now, I have been recommended them by a few friends and seen them in F&M, but it’s not until recently I  have actually owned one. Of course, I was instantly drawn to Delire De Roses, as I love rose fragranced perfumes. There’s just something about a rose which no other flower can compare with. No synthetic substitute can compete with a real rose, and a poor quality rose will always smell like a poor quality rose. Roses are all about quality and it won’t be compromised. Caron Parfumes know this and from beautiful rose petals they have created a stunning fresh floral rose fragrance. At the top of the perfume, you have the rose petals, delicate, yet fabulous. At the heart of the perfume you have rose leaves, a greener, woodier fresher scent of the rose. Bouncing around the perfume you have other florals, jasmine, lotus flower and lily of the valley. It’s all about the roses, but the green and summer florals give the rose a fresh, crisp summer feel. Less heady, seductive and rich than other rose perfumes, but just as beautiful in a lighter, fresher, spring time way. It’s like a scene in a film, shot with a soft focus lens, friends enjoying a picnic in a picturesque orchid, drinking fruit juices, eating sweet treats with flowers everywhere. Too beautiful to be real life, but too wonderful not to enjoy watching over and over again. I love, love, love this perfume and if you are a fan of fresh rose scents, you will love this too! Well worth tracking it down next time you are shopping in Fortnums!

Caron Delire De Roses is available at and Fortnum & Mason.

Caron Delire De Roses perfume fragrance rose heady high end fragrance

Caron Delire De Roses perfume fragrance rose heady high end fragrance



    • fashionforlunch
      January 14, 2016 / 9:47 pm

      Ah I’m so glad you like them! I am such a perfume geek!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️