Fragrance: BVLGARI ‘Goldea’

Bulgari Goldea perfume fragrance review BVGARI


Goldea is a true hymn to musks. It verges on the unreasonable, recalling the extravagant volumes of Bulgari jewels. But this very particular mix of musks, with their persistent intensity, is decidedly neither dated nor baroque. If it were an object, it would be a golden sculpture by Brancusi. With its shape that creates a unique and timeless touch, soft, smooth and silky.

 Alberto Morillas, Perfumer


Top Notes: Crystal Musk, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Raspberry

Heart Notes: Golden Musk, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine

Base Notes: Soft Velvet Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Papyrus

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas


The vessel of the perfume is designed to look like a highly polished jewel, set into gold, much like a jewel in a pendant necklace. The bottle top represents the golden sun and the neck of it is moulded to look like the snakeskin of Bulgari’s signature Serpenti jewels. The two round halves of the bottle represent the curves of a woman and her femininity. The colour gold is to represent the sun, precious jewellery and Egyptian goddesses.

My Thoughts

Whilst musk accords are commonly used in fragrance, it is generally at the base of the perfume to add warmth and sensuality. It is very rare to find it at the top and heart of the fragrance, as well as the base. To my knowledge, this is the first time musk has been used in this way. At the top of the fragrance, you will find warm heavy musk blended with sparkling bergamot, orange blossom and juicy raspberries. The heart of the fragrance is classic, warm florals and golden musk. At the base you will find sensual velvet musk with amber accord, woody papyrus and powdery patchouli. As you might imagine, the overall feel of the fragrance is very sensual, golden and radiant. It’s got a glow of femininity and sexuality, yet somehow managing to be very pretty and wearable. Imagine a sexy evening perfume towards the end of an evening when most of the fragrance has dispersed, it still has a slight trail on the skin of warm, sweet musk, mixed with slight florals. It’s a beautiful scent, but unless you press your nose against your wrist, you know that it is indictable. If you amplified that scent to a speaking volume, that’s what this perfume smells like, complimented by warm florals and zesty summer fruits. The fruity florals balance the sensuality to make it sexy, without being too provocative, the raspberry gives it a slightly more playful edge, whilst still allowing it be luminous. I’m not sure it’s quite my personal style, ­but I have a feeling my friend Adorn Girl will be wearing this every day until the bottle runs dry as it’s warm, luxurious and exciting, just the way she loves her fragrances.

Bulgari Goldea is available exclusively at Harrods.

Bulgari Goldea perfume fragrance review BVLGARI