Fashion: Nasty Gal X Courtney Love

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love collaboration

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love

Those who know me, will know I’m obsessed with Courtney Love. It started when I was about 15, Celebrity Skin was just about to be released and I thought she was awesome. I loved Live Through ThisPretty On The Inside and whatever else I could track down on mix tapes and rarities albums. I couldn’t get enough. I was too young to go to Glastonbury ’96 to see them, so I begged my parents to let me go to Brixton to see them instead. Of course the answer was ‘No’, we lived about 200 miles away. Instead I stayed home and recorded the Glastonbury performance on my tape deck and listened to it over and over on my walkman.

‘My name’s Courtney, shake my damn hand’

I could go on and on about how many books, articles and interviews I have read about her, even now, my YouTube suggestions are full of Hole and Courtney Love related things. Love her! I bleached my hair for the first time because I love her trashy blonde locks (still got them!) I wore vintage dresses with lace collars because I saw how cute they looked on her and when she did a book signing for Dirty Blonde I queued for about 7 hours to have about 10 seconds with her. True story.

‘I want to be the girl with the most cake’

When it was announced Courtney Love was releasing a clothing line with Nasty Gal. I got excited! You can tell from Sophia Amoruso’s Instagram that they spent a lot of time together working on the collection and you can see from the line that it is spot on Courtney. A nice mix of ’92-94 Courtney, with some modern twists of harness bras and hotpants. Courtney always hinted she was working on a clothing line called ‘Never The Bride‘ but it never quite happened. Nasty Gal X Courtney Love has happened and I’m excited!

‘I’m not a woman, I’m a force of nature’

The black dress with the bow at the back is super similar to the gold dress she wore at Glastonbury ’94, the slip dress is a classic Courtney look (she wore a long version to the 1995 Academy Awards when she was twinning with Amanda de Cadenet) and the dress in the first photo is from a super beautiful photoshoot she did in the 90’s which featured heavily in this Nick Wise photo book. There is even a slip dress with huge sleeves which references her own obsession with Stevie Nicks (remember the cover of Gold Dust Woman she did?)

Shop the Nasty Gal X Courtney Love collection at Nasty Gal or click the small icons below!

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love photoshoot

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love black dress

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love campaign

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love crop top

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love shoot

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love sitting