Beauty: Kiko Cosmetics ‘Campus Idol’

Kiko Cosmetics 'Campus Idol'

Campus Idol

Say ‘Hello’ to the new Kiko Cosmetics collection, Campus Idol. It’s super Americana; think cheerleaders, jocks, college stripes, varsity, all those things we don’t have here in Europe which we often don’t really understand anyway. I mean, what is a Varsity!? I have watched a million and one teen movies and I know the words, but I don’t always know what it means. For that matter, I don’t really know when you are a Freshman either, is it a high school thing for a university (college!?) thing? Who knows! Anyway, I love the who American high school / College imagery, which is probably why I love this Kiko Cosmetics launch so much!

Bang For Your Buck!

I have blogged about Kiko Cosmetics before, their make up is a great quality at a reasonable price. If I want a new eyeshadows and I don’t have many pennies in my pocket, it’s likely I will go to Kiko to buy a new one. Not only are they great for basics, but they also do really cool festival and party make-up. But that’s for another day, this collection is very much a day-time look.


My personal favourites of this collection include the eyeliner which is a good solid black liquid liner, perfect for girl like me who like a cat-eye. I also really love the crayon lipsticks for their colours and strong pigment. They are easy to apply and the colours are really nice, I especially love the hot pink and the bright red. As for the palette, they are subtle enough to wear every day, but the pink blush gives a little life to my cheeks whilst the taupe gives me a little contouring without being too extreme.

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Kiko Cosmetics 'Campus Idol'

Kiko Cosmetics 'Campus Idol'