Beauty: Skin Design London ‘Sleeping Beauty Night Cream’

Beauty: Skin Design London 'Sleeping Beauty Night Cream' review

Once in a while, I like to hand my blog over to my mother and give her an opportunity to share her views about her current favourite beauty products. Why? Because there are not enough skin care reviews written by older women. My mother is 60 years old and her skin has different needs to mine, she also has 45 years of buying products behind her. It’s over to you mum….

Sleeping Beauty Night Cream Review

I put it onto my skin on the first evening and to my delight it immediately soaked straight in without leaving any oily residue unlike many other night creams. The following morning when I washed my face there was no suggestion that I was rinsing a proportion of it away which would suggest that my skin absorbed the full application.

Despite Sleeping Beauty being a night cream, I actually used this in the day and night for the first week. I was on holiday and forgot to pack my day cream, since the formula was  non-greasy, I decided to use it as a day and night cream for the week rather than rushing out to buy a new day cream. By the end of the weeks holiday, my skin looked fabulous and I was getting compliments about the condition and smoothness of my face. I am sixty years old and I spend a lot of time outside horse riding and walking the dog, I am also a light sleeper, so sometimes I only get about 6 hours sleep, so with my age and general wear and tear, I have my fair share of wrinkles and lines. I have never had botox or fillers, so whilst I look after my skin, I have aged naturally and I have the lines to prove it. I can honestly say, as a result of using this product, my skin looks and feels much smoother, plumper and less wrinkled, with a general look of health and radiance.

The manufacturers recommend it can also be used as an over-night mask, or as a 15 minute face mask, personally, I would always use it overnight as I feel it is a shame to rinse  the surplus away, rather than letting it soak in. Perhaps younger skin may only want to use it as a quick face mask, but I feel my older skin needs a little more TLC.

I would highly recommend it to anyone as a night cream and although it isn’t sold as a day cream, I loved using it 24/7 and I felt like my skin reacted well to the extra nourishment it gave. Sleeping Beauty Night Cream is well worth the money as it gave me great results, as well as being a please to apply and wear. Needless to say, it’s also paraben free and the ingredients are top quality.

Skin Design London Sleeping Beauty Night Cream can be bought online along with the rest of their range.

Beauty: Skin Design London 'Sleeping Beauty Night Cream' review