OOTD: Chilly In Paris

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Chilly In Paris

Holy Moly, It was Chilly in Paris! I had been planning on wearing on a cape, but it was so cold I ended up leaving my coat in the care and instead wearing my scruffy old Barbour jacket. Don’t get my wrong, I love my Barbour, it keeps me warm and cosy no matter how windy and rainy it is. However, I was kind of planning on looking fabulous in Chanel and a cape in Paris, not layered up in multiple jumpers and my grandma’s scarf! Ah well! You can read more about my trip to Paris here.

The Chanel Bag

I got this Chanel bag earlier this year, my boyfriend bought it for me for a special occasion. What was the occasion? *his* 40th birthday! He’s crazy, but I love it so much, most Chanel Boy Bags have classic quilted fronts, but mine has a chevron quilting instead, which I actually think looks so much nicer. If you want the classic quilting, you can find it in Chanel stores, but if you want something a little different, try Vintage Heirloom as they have some incredible rare and vintage Chanel bag.

The iPhone Case

I love food themed fashioned items, which is probably why I was totally drawn to this Skinnydip iPhone Case! It looks like a packet of space invader crisps from a pound shop, you know the kind, where it’s so cheap it’s not even Space Invaders, it’s fake Space Invaders. Anyway, I had to have it! If you are looking for a new iPhone case and you want something food related, but a little cuter, this Macaroon case is adorable!

The Boots

Sometimes it feel like you get an item of clothing, put it on and never take it off. That’s exactly how I feel about these Boden Boots. I have worn these boots everywhere from festivals in the Summer, to an impromptu walk on the beach in Cornwall. They have seen hot sun and rainy days, it’s hard to believe they once looked like this! It might be time to buy a new pair…

Lulu Guinness Suitcase

I have had my eye on this Lulu Guinness Suitcase for longer than I care to admit, I can remember checking it out at a trade show in Paris years ago, I looked at it when I was in New York and I have visited the website many, many, many times to have a look at it. It’s just so fancy with it’s bright red, hard shell case and lips all over. I’m so happy I finally have it, isn’t it a cutie?! I’m sure you will see it again soon enough, as I will be flaunting this bad boy every time I travel, but oh, I love it!

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Lulu Guinness Suitcase

Skinnydip iPhone Case

Barbour Waxed Jacket

Chanel Boy Bag (check here for a pre-loved version)

Boden Chic Boots

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  1. January 3, 2016 / 8:53 pm

    I love this and the fact I can see you’re face in an outfit post! ????

    • fashionforlunch
      January 3, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Oh my god! I feel so embarrassed! And with my nye post – scary right?!