Gifts: The Jetset Boyfriend

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What To Buy The Jetset Boyfriend

If you boyfriend travels with work, it might sound fun and glamorous, but it’s generally hard work and whilst he’s eating steak and lording it up in a hotel suite, he will still be missing his creature comforts of home. With that in mind, here is what to buy a jetset boyfriend!

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones – My boyfriend has a pair of these, he wanted them for a while before he ordered them and then he bought them and wondered what took him so long! The sound quality is incredible, even on a plane and if he wants a nap, he turns the music off and keeps the noise cancelling function on, and he has a rest in piece.

Molecule 01 Cologne – Modern, woody, fresh and subtle, my boyfriend is a huge fan of this collection. It’s also a perfect size for when traveling as it can go in his flight bag without using up his entire liquid allowance.

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray – When jet lag hits and his body clock is on the other side of the world. This pillow spray will help him drift off to sleep and make a hotel pillow feel more like home.

Elemis Muscle Relax Bath Soak – My boyfriend loves this bath soak, it has quite a pungent smell which he loves and it relaxes all his tired aching limbs.

Bodhi & Birch Shower Gel – My boyfriends favourite is the Mint Thé Therapy. It’s fresh and zesty and wakes him up in the morning. If you have never tried Bodhi & Birch, you should! Their shower gels are amazing and a real favourite for men.

Drakes Pocket Square – For chic vibes!

Paul Smith Set of Socks – My boyfriend loves a jazzy sock and Paul Smith socks are beautiful quality.

Next Pyjamas – For lounging around in a hotel room!

Royal Doulton Mug – I know every hotel has room service as well as self service tea and coffee, but there is something nice about having your own mug with you. It reminds us of home and us Brits love a cup of tea. PS. Pop of a few of his favourite tea bags in the mug, just in case!

Leica X Moncler Camera – because if he does have a morning or afternoon free, he might want to capture some memories with this camera.

Clinique Great Skin For Him Set – This handy kit contains all the skincare products he needs. Remind him to put this in his main luggage though, not his flight bag!

Montblanc Cufflinks – Classic, stylish and if wears double cuff shirts, they are essential.

Alexander Mcqueen Umbrella – For looking sharp in a downpour.

Globe Trotter Weekend Bag – For looking sharp at the airport.

Globe Trotter Suitcase – Good luggage is so important, especially if he flies business. Let him travel in style with this Globe Trotter Suitcase and bag. It will last him for years and he will love using it! Remember, shabby luggage is not chic!

Happy Shopping!