Beauty: Kevin Murphy Haircare

kevin murphy hydrate me gift set

Mother Knows Best

Once in a while I hand blogging duties over to my mother and let her give her views on products. Why? Because there just isn’t enough reviews out there written by 60 year old women with years of beauty purchasing behind them. Today she is keen to tell you about her favourite hair care range and do a Kevin Murphy Haircare review. It’s over to you mum…

Kevin Murphy

I have long been a fan of Kevin Murphy products. I am sixty years old with a tendency towards dry wiry hair. Historically I have always bought cheap, “offer of the week” supermarket brands of hair care. However my local hairdressers started using the Kevin Murphy products, I was persuaded to give the Hydrate Me range a go and invested in the shampoo and conditioner.

Hydrate Me

They come in a very simple rectangular squeezable packaging, however as they are of such a thick consistency they do take some squeezing out and a little goes a very long way. They have a light but pleasant fragrance. The shampoo is ivory in colour and the conditioner a light apricot. The Hydrate Me range comes in a livery of varying purples and there are many different products within this range.

Kevin Murphy Haircare Review

I only ever do a single wash on my hair, followed by the Hydrate Me Rinse conditioner. I like to leave this on for half an hour or so if time permits to give my hair the ultimate treat and when I rinse off, my hair feels thick, moisturised, silky and of course very clean. After blow drying, my hairs’ appearance is shiny and polished looking, I was never able to achieve this effect with my supermarket brands of hair products. The Kevin Murphy range of products are made only from the purest ingredients, ie no parabens, and I would be very reluctant to use any other products on my now very “organic” hair. I often have conversations with my hairdresser regarding these products and we are both in agreement that anything less would be a pollutant to our hair.

Because of the cost of these products, I pay £18. per product, I do not share them amongst the family but keep them hidden away and therefore each bottle lasts 5 to 6 months which actually makes it a very cost effective option. I would recommend these products to anyone, they are well worth every penny. Kevin Murphy products are available in many top hair salons and online.