Beauty Crush: Clarins Lipsticks & Lipbalms

clarins moisturising long wearing lipstick rouge

Beauty Crush

With all the craziness of Christmas gift guides and moving house (more on that later, or check my instagram for an update!) I completely forgot I wanted to share some information on my last beauty Crush, Clarins Longwear Lipsticks and Instant Light Lipbalms.

Killer Lips

I love Clarins Products, from their skin care to their make-up, it’s all good. I guess 60 years of R&D and producing make-up and skin care, you kind of master your craft! I feel like recently, they have released some killer lip products, and I want to share a little more information about them.

Clarins Lip Oils

First of all, their Lip Oils, I haven’t photographed them here, but you can see this in this post. They are scented like sweet raspberries and honey and they are really hydrating with the high-shine finish of a gloss, but without that horrid gloppy, sticky feeling. A brilliant alternative to a classic lipgloss.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

This handy little lip balm gives a tint of colour with a heavy hit of moisture. It’s subtle enough to be able to apply it throughout the day without a mirror, yet it gives enough of a tint of colour to go without lipstick if my lips are sore, dry, or I’m just feeling too lazy! It’s perfect for Winter, shade 05 Red is my favourite.

Clarins Moisturising Long-Wearing Lipstick

Admittedly, everything I am about to say about this lipstick is king of in the title, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. I have three shades of this lipstick and shade 713 Hot pink is my favourite. It gives hydration and has a moisturising feel without wearing off fast or moving around my lips. It’s got a heavy pigment and the pop of pink is pretty and bold, but still wearable in the day during the Winter. It has a slight shine, but somehow it just makes my lips look full, bold and it lasts for hours.

If you are on the hunt for a new lip gloss, tinted lip balm or lipstick, I would recommend looking at Clarins, I love all three of these products!

clarins instant light lip balm perfector

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