Perfume: Evody ‘D’âme de Pique’

Perfume evody D'ÂME DE PIQUE

D’ÂME DE PIQUE is an ode to roses from “Rose Valley”. We have explored all different facets of the Queen of flowers.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Pear agreement, blackcurrant leaf

Heart Notes: Absolute and essence of Rose, Raspberry, Saffron

Base Notes: Cashmere wood, Patchouli, Sandal wood, Vanilla

My Thoughts

I have been meaning to blog about this perfume for weeks now, I first discovered Evody n my local department store, the sales assistant recognised my love of niche perfumes and suggested Evody D’âme de Pique. At first, I thought it might be too floral, but oh how wrong I was, it’s floral and feminine, but somehow I just found it so enticing and delicious, I kept going back to smell it time and time again. It’s delicious and delightful and somehow it just lifts my spirits, especially at the moment with it being so cold and dark. It’s fruity, floral and addictive. At the top of the fragrance, there is lots of citrus deliciousness; blackcurrant, raspberry, pear, bergamot and I have a feeling there is a little peach or apricot in there too. The heart notes are floral and full with heady red rose, balanced with sharp saffron. The base is sweet, sensual and woody with notes of vanilla, powdery patchouli, sandalwood and cashmere. At first this perfume is fruity, floral and sparkling, but then it is contradicted with the heady roses, sharp saffron and the oh-so-sensual base notes. It’s like walking through an orchid full of fruit and stepping into a garden of flowers, before heading in-doors to find beautiful antiques and a table of french pastries. That’s what Evody D’âme de Pique is! J’adore!

Perfume evody D'ÂME DE PIQUE