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five great winter candles

Five Christmas Candles

Holy Crap, it’s cold!!! The weather has suddenly turned freezing and some days it’s so damned dark I have a lamp on all day long! Nightmare right?! S.A.D Lamps are so last decade, why sit in front of one of those silly little lamps, when you could fill your home with beautiful luxury scented candles which brighten up the room and lift your spirits. I have picked out five Christmas candles, which are perfect for this festive season!

Etro Orange de Noël

Etro Orange de Noël is a dream! It has all the orange, cinnamon and clove goodness  which you want from Christmas candle, but it also has a heavy base note of vanilla, giving it a wonderful sweetness and warmth. It is uplifting and comforting, it smells like a christmas dinner party filled with friends, mulled wine and the scent of delicious deserts baking in the kitchen. Oh and can we talk about this stunning gold jar? Just perfect!

The White Company Fir & Berry

Holy Moly! The White Company Fir & Berry is a whopper! It has three wicks and it contains real berries and leaves set into the wax. It smells like pine, nutmeg, clove and citrus, it has a modern classic feel to the fragrance. As it has three wicks burning at once, it has a wonderful glow to it and it gives off a wonderful flickering light.

Shay & Blue Pine d’Antibes

This Shay & Blue Pine d’Antibes candle is my boyfriends favourite of all the candles. It has a heavy hit of pine, both the green of the pine needles and the woodiness of the pinecones. It also contains vetiver, beeswax and a hint of pepper. The main feel of the fragrance is pine, the other notes just add a depth. It makes a nice change from all the orange and clove  candles and if my man is a fan, I’m sure yours will be too!

Elemis Spa Light

Imagine walking into a spa on Christmas day, that’s what this Elemis Spa Light candle smells like! It’s got heavy notes of orange and cinnamon, blended with a little clove, nutmeg and vanilla. It’s smooth and relaxing, whilst being oh-so-festive! Perfect for Winter evenings, relaxing by the fire and watching old films!

Charles Farris Pinetum

Charles Farris was founded 160 years ago as a producer of church candles. They hold a royal warrant for their high quality products and a few years ago they added scented candles into their collection. Pinetum is a limited edition candle for the Winter and I am smitten with it’s fresh and rich twist on pine. It contains clean and uplifting eucalyptus, as well as dark and rich resins (amber). This candle is clean, woody, fresh and perfect brightening up cold and dreary Winter days!

Let Me Know If You Have Any Favourite Winter Scented Candles!



  1. November 21, 2015 / 7:49 pm

    Those candles all sound amazing! I’m sure they smell really good? I love candles at this time of the year. Much love, Carmen

    • fashionforlunch
      November 21, 2015 / 9:45 pm

      they are all amazing, I’m so glad to hear you like candles too!!

    • fashionforlunch
      November 24, 2015 / 11:36 pm

      Thank you