Perfume: Sisley ‘Eau Tropicale’

Perfume: Sisley 'Eau Tropicale'

 Sisley Eau Tropicale

Fresh, floral and sunny.
A fragrance reminiscent of the intriguing, sultry and perfumed atmosphere that prevails after a tropical rainstorm. A delightful escape to the heart of a far-flung, mysterious land filled with the song of colorful birds, delicious fruits and exotic flower accords.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Ginger

Heart Notes: Tuberose, Violet, Rose

Base Notes: Ambrette seeds, Patchouli, Cedar

My Thoughts

Sisley Eau Tropicale is so fabulous and so Parisian. It’s one of those fragrances which you know could never be made by a British perfumer, it’s too French and fabulous. It’s got an old-school feel to it, but it’s not old fashioned, it’s

Perfume: Sisley 'Eau Tropicale'