Perfume: Jo Loves ‘Red Truffle 21’

Perfume Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 fragrance jo malone mbe


I remember having a simple plate of pasta in Harry’s Bar in London. It was right at the beginning of truffle season and as they grated delicate shavings over steaming hot spaghetti, the intensity of the smell hit me like a huge power note. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to translate it into a fragrance


Top Notes: Black Pepper, Fig Leaf, Bergamot, Mandarin

Heart Notes: Pine Leaves, Fig, Juniper

Base Notes: Vetiver, Truffle, Patchouli

My Thoughts

Jo Malone MBE is known for being a perfume maverick, she has created more iconic perfumes than I can count and started so many trends in the world of fragrance. She is constantly at the forefront of innovation and truffles are her latest inspiration. I love the scent of truffles in food, but I never expected to love it as a fragrance. It took a long time to create this perfume, apparently too much truffle quickly became over-powering and too little it was lost. At the top of this perfume, you can smell bitter citrus of the mandarin blended with the spice of the black pepper. There is also a lovely hit of fresh fig, which is very green. At the heart of the perfume you smell more green, pine, more fig and juniper. At the base is where the truffle is, it’s subtle,  but you can catch it. Not all the time, but it’s there. The overwhelming feel of the perfume is green freshness with citrus and wood, with a swirl of truffle. It’s slightly aquatic and has a real sense of natural and life to it. It’s unexpected for sure, but very special. Expect to see a lot of other brands trying to replicate this perfume in about 12 months time, but I think we all know Jo Loves does it best! Yes, it’s true, I’m a Jo Malone fangirl!

Available exclusively from Jo Loves, 42 Elizabeth Street, London and online.

Perfume Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 fragrance jo malone mbe