Perfume: DKNY ‘Be Desired’

Perfume DKNY Be Desired review

DKNY Be Desired

DKNY were the first brand to use the scent of apples at the heart of their fragrance. The first ‘apple’ to be released was Be Delicious and since then, there have been many more apples to follow in it’s path, all with slightly different twists on the classic. There are many women who collect these apples and hunt down the limited edition versions which can be found around the world. Be Delicious is one of the worlds best selling perfumes and every minute that passes, 2 apples are sold. Pretty impressive!


Top Notes: Orange Oil, Blackcurrant, Violet Leaves, Grapefruit

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber wood

My Thoughts

I have always had a soft spot for the DKNY apples, but a close friend of mine used to wear Be Delicious every day and whilst I loved it, I always thought of it as ‘her’ perfume and never bought it for myself. Be Delicious is iconic; it’s fresh, floral and fruity. It’s youthful and playful, without being sugar-coated and pink. The latest addition to the collection, Be Desired is a little more mature than the classic, it’s less apple and more fresh greens with florals. It has a lovely, zesty top notes with the orange oil and grapefruit, they are sharp and warm. Whilst the heart notes are pretty white florals and the base notes are soft and woody. Be Desired feels more mature and sophisticated than the classic, the fresh greens feel a little cooler and more modern. I feel like Be Delicious would be a great gift for a younger sister or cousin, where as Be Desired would be something I would consider buying myself or a friend, it still has a feel of warmth, freshness and a summery feel, but it’s a little more exciting!

DKNY Be Desired is out now at John Lewis  and John Lewis.