Perfume: Bella Freud ‘Je T’aime Jane’

Perfume: Bella Freud 'Je T'aime Jane'

Bella Freud Je T’aime Jane is an ultra-modern, ultra-feminine and ultra-hip fragrance. It also has an optional matching  jumper. Who is the Je T’aime Jane woman? “She is the free spirit with a guitar, a baby and long bare legs.”

What’s in a name?

This fragrance takes it’s name from a slogan jumper which is part of the Bella Freud clothing collection. One day she received a voicemail message from the agent of Jane Birkin saying ‘Jane has heard about your Gainsbourg is God jumper and loves it’. In honour of this, she made her a jumper which took inspiration from a schoolgirl’s dedication to her heroine: ‘Je t’aime Jane’ with ‘Gainsbourg is God’ on the back.


Top Notes: Jasmine Night Flower absolute,

Heart Hearts: Ylang Ylang and Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Musk, Black Oud, Sandalwood

My Thoughts

I always think two of the hardest notes to get right are jasmine and orange blossom. When used properly, they are beautiful and unique, when used badly they can be overpowering, sickly and kind of disgusting. The orange blossom has to be subtle as it can very easily be too much and the jasmine essential oil has to be perfect quality. Risky choices, but when they are used in the right way, oh my, they are glorious! Je T’aime Jane gets it right, like spot on. It’s fresh, floral and fabulous. It’s simple but concise, the jasmine and orange blossom take centre stage, they are warm, natural and perfectly pretty. The ylang ylang and oud add a sense of mystery and excitement, whist the powdery musk add softness, sensuality. I feel like there might be a touch of tonka bean adding some sweetness into the perfume and perhaps there is some tuberose too, adding some heady florals. This perfume is fabulous, it’s so good it makes me want the candle for my home and I have a feeling it would make a very special christmas gift for a certain hipster sister of mine later this year!

Perfume: Bella Freud 'Je T'aime Jane'
Perfume: Bella Freud 'Je T'aime Jane'



  1. Lucy
    October 10, 2015 / 7:33 pm

    Oh I need this! I love orange blossom and black oud! Sure a pretty bottle too… On my xmas list x


    • fashionforlunch
      October 10, 2015 / 9:56 pm

      I think you will love it! It’s really fabulous!!!