Perfume: Balmain ‘Extatic’

Perfume: Balmain 'Extatic' review

Balmain Extatic

She’s the incarnation of the Balmain style…sophisticated with a rocker touch. Superb-looking yet brazen, a charismatic fashion addict who knows how to combine boldness and elegance. Along with just a bit of a tendency to flirt with provocation… naturally leaving not one person unmoved.


What motivates her? The ecstasy of an exciting life, free from codes and conventions. Her signature? An explosive fragrance, the essence of the Balmain spirit. Exalting? Without a doubt. Exciting? Of course. Extreme? Definitely. In a word? Extatic.


Top Notes: Crystalline rose, Nashi pear, Osmanthus

Heart Notes: Chocolate-scented Sharry Baby Orchid, Jasmine

Base Notes: Amyris, cashmere wood, Barenia leather

My Thoughts

My blogger BFF Adorn Girl has recommended this perfume to me over and over again, she loves it with all her heart (and smelling senses!) and if she only had one perfume, this would be it. With an endorsement like this, I had to try this perfume for myself! So what is so good about Balmain Extatic? Well, it kind of has a bit of everything. It’s fruity and floral, with a a touch a sweetness and smooth wood and leather. It has the headiness or rose, the fruity sweetness of pearl, it also smells like there might be some dark fruits in there too, like plum or pomegranate. The florals of rose, jasmine and orchid are warm and seductive. Whilst the base notes or cashmere, wood, leather, musk and vanilla are rich, smooth and sweet. Balmain Extatic is rich, sexy, sweet and complex. Whilst a younger girl would love it, it also makes an great evening perfume for a woman. It’s quite sweet, perhaps too sweet for me, but really lovely, I can see why Adorn Girl loves it so much! Those who are looking for a new evening perfume which is rich, heady, sexy, warm and fabulous will love this perfume!

Available from Harrods, House of Fraser and Selfridges.

Perfume: Balmain 'Extatic' review