Home & Beauty: My Latest Loves

jo malone london christmas candles trip set roasted chestnut

Jo Malone London Travel Candle Set

Ok, so technically this Jo Malone London Travel Candle Set is for Christmas, but quite frankly, I couldn’t wait until the December, damn, I couldn’t even wait for November! The set contains Blackberry & Bay, which is one of my all-time favourite Jo Malone London fragrances. As well as Pine & Eucalyptus and Roasted Chestnut, which are not normally available, they size set the usual christmas cinnamon / clove / orange fragrance and instead the pine & Eucalyptus smells gloriously fresh, woody and uplifting. As for the Roasted Chestnut, the only way I can describe this one a sweet, earthy and addictive.

lush cosmetics bath bombs bubble bombs bars

Lush Cosmetics Bath Bombs

I have been staying in a lot of hotels lately and one of my favourite things about hotel life is long, hot baths with limitless hot water! Is it just me, or does it feel like hotel baths are better than home baths? It feels like the water is softer, the lighting is better, the tub is bigger, it’s just so much more relaxing! Lush Bath Bombs always hit the spot for me, it’s so exciting watching them foam up and bounce around in your tub before you sink into bright pink or bright blue water. Another great thing about these bath bombs, when you pack them into your suitcase, they leave all your clothes smelling delicious!

noble isle bath and shower gel

Noble Isle Shower Gel

It’s not every day you shower with the scent of Rhubarb, but with Noble Isle you get to, it even has a little juniper berry and rosemary thrown in making it a winning fragrance! Uplifting, delicious, tart and oh-so-British! If you have never heard of Noble Isle, it is time to look them up, their products are divine!

jurlique rose hand cream

Jurlique Hand Cream

It’s not the first time I have recommended Jurlique hand cream, it comes in a few fragrances, but Rose is always my favourite. This is such a good hand cream, I am kind of obsessed with it! I share all my beauty products with my boyfriend, but this is one of the few which I always hope he doesn’t use. It’s too special! This limited edition version of Jurlique’s Iconic Rose hand cream includes Rosa Gallica Flower Water which makes the hand cream even richer and more luxurious than the classic. Obsessed!

sisley make up eyeshadow

Sisley Eyeshadow

I’m not lucky enough to have eyes like Bambi, so instead, I go heavy on the eyeliner / eyeshadow to fake my way to bigger eyes. I usually stick to my signature pen eyeliner, but recently I have been loving Sisley’s Eyeshadows. They are just as easy to apply as a stick eyeliner, but you can leave as it is for a XXL effect, or softy blend it in for a super easy and effective smoky eye. Life changing. I think so!

decleor eye cream great applicator tip

Decleor Aurabsolu Glow For Eyes

I recently did an instagram takeover for Decleor because I love the new Aurabsolu range so damned much! The Intense Glow Awakening Cream is incredible but like an idiot I dropped it down the stairs and the cream landed, well, everywhere! oops! I also love this Aurabsolu Glow For Eyes cream, it has a super soft applicator and it makes my eyes brighter and a little less corpse like! If you are looking for a new eye cream, this is the one you want!

terry de gunzburg perfume terryific oud

Terry De Gunzburg Terryific Oud 

I have blogged about this perfume before, but I wanted to give it another shout out as whenever I am in a rush or I don’t know what perfume to wear, I always reach for Terry De Gunzburg Terryific Oud, I just love it. I always get compliments when I wear it, but mostly it’s one that I love wearing. It’s the perfect feminine oud, it’s smoky with heady red roses and beautiful powdery base notes.

annick goutal rose face cream

Annick Goutal Skin Care

Long time fans of Annick Goutal will know that as well as perfume, they also produced skin care. A few years ago they stopped doing it and since then, their fans have been crying out for them to make more. That time has finally come, I have only tried the face cream so far, but I absolutely love it! It’s rich, nourishing and smells of balancing, calming, restoring roses. I could cover my whole body in this if I had the dollar in my pocket!

crabtree and evelyn lavender linin spray

Crabtree & Evelyn Linen Mist

When I started blogging, I never assumed that I would talk about linen mist, but alas, this little bottle of Crabtree & Evelyn is a revelation! When I do my laundry I spritz it over everything and when I get into bed and get dressed, I get a whiff of clean, fresh lavender. It’s also perfect for when packing my suitcase, I give everything a mist and when I get it out at the other end, all my clothes smell lovely and fresh and suddenly I don’t care if everything is crumpled, because it smells so fresh and clean!

What are your current home and beauty favourites?