Jewellery: Current favourites

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I used to be super experimental with my jewellery, I probably bought a new piece every few weeks and I accumulated a lot… like a lot! In fact, I have so much I could have easily bought a car, if not two or three with the amount of jewels I own. Some people smoke, I bought jewels. Recently I have found myself wearing less jewellery (oh the waste!) and instead I have been wearing a few classic pieces over and over again. I have moved away from necklaces and statement rings and instead I have been wearing stackable rings and a few smaller bracelets. As for brooches, I have seem to have one or two on each jacket / coat which tend to stay there. Maybe I am getting lazy in my old age or maybe it’s because I got engaged and I have been wearing jewels which matched my diamonds!

Want to see my current favourite pieces of jewellery?

Pandora Ring

Well isn’t this a little cutie? I have been stacking it up next to my Cartier Love ring and the two together look really sweet. I think I took inspiration from Kylier Jenner, she wears multiple Cartier Rings on one finger (as well as about 7 of the matching bracelets on one arm – hardcore!) For me, one Cartier Love ring and a Pandora ring will just have to do, see me wearing them together here!

Cartier Love Ring

Speaking of Cartier, I wear my Love ring all the time. I don’t even take it off when I go to bed! I figure I can’t loose it if I’m wearing it and something this nice should be worn and enjoyed!

Triple Band Spine Ring

I love this triple band spine ring so much, it gives the allusion of three stackable rings, but with the ease of just wearing one ring! See me wearing it here, I layered it up with my Cartier ring to make almost a cage or armour ring effect.

Chevron Ring With Crystals

Chevron rings are awesome, they are such a simple shape, but they look so sharp and contemporary. I love the way they sit on your fingers as depending on which way round you wear them, point up towards your knuckles or almost touch your finger joints. In short, they sit on your fingers differently, I love that!

Classic Chevron Ring

I love Chevron rings so much I have two! Jane Koenig designed this awesome chevron ring, it is made of sterling silver but it has a brushed finish which makes it look more like brushed steel. Isn’t it cool?

Hiho Silver

My sister’s BFF introduced me to Hiho Silver jewellery and I totally copied. I’m now hooked, their bracelets are simple, elegant and really comfortable to wear! It’s hard to figure out if I prefer the belt bracelet or the snaffle bracelet, so generally I wear them together and layer them up!

Links of London Teacup Necklace

There is no mistaking how cute this Links of London teacup necklace is! Its perfect for wearing alone or layering up with other necklaces. It’s cute enough to be fun and whimsical, but it’s simple enough to be elegant and not too kitschy.

Vivienne Westwood Brooch

It’s funny, I have loads of Vivienne Westwood jewellery. Like loads! but I never imagined this brooch would become one of my very favourites. It’s a pretty pink colour and it has just enough crystals to sparkle without being too flashy. In the day, I often wear it layered up with my Chanel brooch and some fun badges. For the evening it looks really nice worn alone on a jacket or coat.

What do you think of my current classic selection of jewellery?

vivienne westwood pink orb brooch

hiho silver belt design bracelet

pandora ring bow shaped

cartier love ring in gold fashion blogger

hiho silver snaffle bracelet horse bit bite bangle

gold and silver jewellery fashion for lunch blog

pandora bow ring pretty crystals

hiho silver snaffle bracelet horse bit bite bangle

gold and rose gold jewellery fashion for lunch blog

links of london teacup necklace gold and silver

qvc spine ring gold and rose gold black crystals



  1. Bezunesh
    October 23, 2015 / 6:35 pm

    I love your collection!

    • fashionforlunch
      October 23, 2015 / 6:43 pm

      Thank you!!!