Five Ways To Feel Better

five ways to feel better when you are ill

I rarely get sick and when I do, I try and power on until I’m ready to drop. I hate admitting defeat to germs. But sometimes, you just have to give in, get into bed and let yourself get better. Here are my top tips for feeling better!

Keep Warm And Cosy

If you have a Onepiece, wear it and don’t take it off until you are better! If you don’t have a onesie, wear fluffy socks and new pyjamas. If you have to leave the house for supplies, cosy up in Emu boots and a soft, warm jumper. Be comfortable and cosy at all times!

Doctor’s Orders

Rest lots, Drink lots, if you have anti-biotics, take them, if you have a cold, have some cold and flu medicine. Sometimes when I’m ill I just can’t be bothered to take the medicine I need, but it will help you feel better. If you have a cold, make sure you have an inhalation with some great essential oils. It will help clear your nose and your head, it often helps relieve headaches in a natural way. My personal favourite essential oils are by Aromatherapy Associates, I love the Breathe Support essence. Use a few drops in your inhalation and sprinkle a little on your pillow. I love my Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb candle, alternatively, you could pick something eucalyptus based which might help clear your head.


Set yourself one task, providing you feel well enough. Clear out unwanted photos on your phone, pay a bill, do a small chore you have been meaning to do for a while. Make sure it’s just small, but something that might make you feel like you have achieved something.

Treat Yourself!

Buy yourself something online – it might make you feel better. You will probably feel better by the time it arrives and if you decide it was an error purchase, just return it.

Get Carried Away…

Once you have managed to peel yourself out of bed and to lie on the sofa watching TV, don’t watch Judge Judy and Jeremy Kyle until it’s time for Deal or No Deal. Instead watch a DVD or Boxset, choose something easy and upbeat which makes you feel happy. Personally, I will always watch Clueless followed by The Little Mermaid. As for boxsets, Sex and the City will let you love vicariously whilst you lounge on the sofa in a OnePiece!

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five ways to feel better when you are ill


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