Cologne: The White Company ‘Aspen’

Cologne The White Company Aspen review fragrance

Wonderfully sensual and warming, this distinctly masculine scent contains notes of rich sandalwood, amber, clove and cardamom, lifted with the freshness of green leaf and a twist of bright bergamot.

Night & Noir

There is something about The White Company fragrances, they have a understated and elegant feel to them. I love Noir for it’s blend of rich amber, zesty mandarin with musky sandalwood. Night is another favourite of mine, it combines dark, fruity pomegranate with juicy cassis and sweet vanilla. Both fragrances are fairly simple in terms of the number of ingredients they use, but they hit the spot, they are beautiful quality and lovely to wear.


Aspen is The White Company’s more masculine fragrance, not to say women couldn’t wear it, but it is much more suited towards men than women. It combines Sandalwood, Amber, clove and cardamom with green leaves and Bergamot. True to it’s name, it has a real fresh, mountain air feel to it. The greenness of the leaves and the citrus of the bergamot are crisp and clear. The sandalwood and clove remind me of traditional mens grooming products, which give it a clean, invigorating feel. As for the amber and cardamom, these notes are very subtle and very much at the base. Men who favour something a little fresher and cleaner will love this cologne, it reminds me of when my boyfriend returns home from Trumper’s  with a fresh wet shave on a spring afternoon, clean, fresh, warm and relaxed.

Also In The Collection

Aspen is available as an Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel and Men’s Grooming Gift Set.

Cologne The White Company Aspen review fragrance