Beauty: Neom Organics ‘Feel good on the go’

neom organics beauty on the go hair oil

Neom Organics

I have been a fan of Neom Organics and their beautiful home fragrances for a long time now, their three wick candles fill my home with scent and my heart with joy. Their candles are made from natural vegetable wax and they always use the best quality natural essential oils. Their fragrances are designed to help you sleep, boost energy, de-stress, relax and uplift your senses.

Feel good on the go

Neom Organics have now launched a collection of miniature products which can be easily stored in your handbag / luggage / gym kit to help you feel good on the go. These mini’s contain bath & shower oil, on-the-go mist, pillow spray and pulse-point oils.

Face, body & Hair Oil

Another addition to the Neom Organics collection is the Face, Body & Hair Oils. These multi-purpose oils nourish your hair and skin, whilst giving your senses a boost. Choose between uplifting Wild Mint & Mandarin or Lavender, Jasmine & Rosewood to make you feel de-stressed and English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine to help you sleep.


My personal favourite of the new collections is the de-stressing Lavender, Jasmine & Rosewood Face, Body & Hair Oil. I have been using it as a pre-bed moisturiser over my skin and if I know I am washing my hair in the morning, I will rub a little over the ends of my hair. It’s really relaxing and makes me feel like I am going to bed in a spa hotel! Joyful!

neom organics beauty on the go hair oil
neom organics beauty on the go hair oil


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  1. September 4, 2015 / 8:55 pm

    Sounds lovely, I would love to try miniatures for a test , since its not that cheap 🙂