Five Tips for Surviving London Fashion Week


Preparation is Key

I’m not the most organised of ladies, but preparation is key. Plan your schedule ahead of time and don’t forget to factor in travel time between locations, as well as allowing for shows running late. Schedule some general social media updates to take the pressure off yourself and any additional posts are bonus content for your followers. In terms of beauty prep, a couple of days before LFW starts you might want to get gel nails, epilate your legs, do a face mask and get a fringe trim!

Be picky and pace yourself

There is a lot of events, shows, exhibitions, parties and lounges during fashion week, both on and off schedule. It can get super exhausting, super fast! Don’t RSVP to events which don’t interest you, as you probably won’t end up going and it’s unfair to the PR team who invited you. Similarly, you can never judge an event or show by the invite, so keep an open mind!

Comfortable shoes

Sky scraper shoes are a huge fashion week fail!  Walking, standing, queuing can really take it’s toll. Converse always look cool, so your feet a favour! Similarly, take a beautiful, but practical handbag. I love this Boden tote bag as it looks good, goes with everything and it is big enough to store everything without being too heavy.

Eat well, drink lots

Whether you are a blogger, press, buyer or designer, it’s important to eat well and stay hydrated. Balance the cups of coffee with water and LFW favourite Vita Coco. Carry snacks (fruit and nuts) in your handbag and try to find the time to escape the hustle and bustle to have a relaxed lunch with a friend or colleague.

Organise your handbag

These days, tech is key at LFW. Every battery in every device seems to fade fast so make sure you charge your camera and phone battery each night and always carry at least one portable battery pack for your iPhone. I always make sure I carry red lipstick, eyeliner and powder along with sunnies, spare jewellery and snacks.

Ok, so you won’t be able to put these tips into practice until February 2016, but hopefully they will be helpful then!