Beauty: Benefit Air Patrol

Beauty Benefit Air Patrol review

*Exciting launch klaxon!*

It’s time for a new product to be released from Benefit Cosmetics! I feel like everyone gets excited when Benefit launch new products, there’s something about their innovation and branding which just gets us all riled up! So here it is, their new product, Air Patrol.

So what is Air Patrol?

Air Patrol is the new BB Cream Eyelid Primer with SPF 20. It helps protect the delicate eye lids from environmental stress, whilst giving hydration, correcting colour and acting as a primer for your eye make-up.

This product is so much more than just pretty packaging, the tip is inspired by gel foam mattresses. It gives almost pressure-free application to let you apply the product with a tip which is softer than your pinkie finger. I used it yesterday and it did improve the wear of my eyeshadow, which is always a problem for me, as I am a real eye-toucher. It also made my skin feel hydrated, which is great as I have been known to have dry skin around my eyes.

Ready, set, go! Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol is out now!