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robby honey tuberose scented candle  review

You know those days when you feel up-to-your-eyeballs in work?! I swear to God, I never knew blogging would be so time consuming! My inbox is overflowing, I have the longest to-do list, I haven’t tweeted in hours and I have a stack of Pinterest boards I want to create but no time to do them. Too. Much. To. Do!!! The only thing which is keeping me sane is my brand new candle by Robbie Honey. Why? Because it is a Tuberose joy!! It could almost be described as Tuberific!!

Robbie Honey is a florist who has created work for Hermès, Dior and Armani, to name just a few. He has written for the Wall Street Journal and given lectures on floristry around the world. Pretty impressive right?! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford to pay him to create an instillation of flowers for my living room, but luckily for me, he has just just released a scented candle collection which brings the essence of the flowers right to my desk!

Robbie Honey’s first range of scented candles is inspired by individual white flowers; Tuberose, Muguet des bois, Casa Blanca and Jasmine. Any regular reader of my blog will know I am a rose addict, so of course I had to pick Tuberose to try. Even before I lit this candle I loved it, despite it being boxed and sat on my shelf, I kept smelling tuberose drift through my room. Upon lighting it, within minutes the fragrance fills my tiny flat and I only need to keep it burning for about 30 minutes and the scent of Tuberose lingers in my flat for hours. Just stunning! OK… back to my inbox!!

I’m smitten with Robbie Honey’s Tuberose candle, I can’t wait to see what he does next!

robby honey tuberose scented candle  review luxury

robby honey tuberose scented candle  review