Beauty Launch: Clinique What’s your Line?

Clinique what's your line chubby mascara super skinny eye liner

I hate to admit it, but I have been using Clinique products for such a long time, I almost have to count decades rather than years. Crazy right?! Their products are always great and at times, pretty darn exciting. This Summer saw the launch of their Cheek Pops and Lip Pops which are still my beauty crush. Now prepare yourself for What’s Your Line, a great collection of Eye and Brow products which will make your eyes pop!

Pretty Easy Eyeliner Pen

The new Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeling Pen is a great new eyeliner which has a tapered, precision brush. It is as easy to apply as a stick liner, but gives a much more refined finished. It gives the perfect solid black line which stays put all day long.

Skinny Sticks

Next up, Skinny Sticks, as you might guess, these are super skinny eyeliners (about a third of a regular eyeliner). They come in classic black and brown, as well as a verity of other colours like greens, blues, purples and even a bright yellow. Amazing if you want to experiment with coloured eyeliners but you want to keep the line super-fine and subtle.

Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara

These Chubby Lash Fattening Mascaras will maximise your lashes and really plump them up. Imagine their iconic Chubby lip sticks as a mascara and you pretty much have it! I personally love the black, but they are also available in plum, teal and navy. Again, if you want to experiment with coloured lashes, but you want something a little more subtle and wearable, these are the ones for you!

Just Browsing Brush-on Styling Mousse

Along with the Pretty Easy Eyeliner, Just Browsing has to be my favourite of the collection. It’s a mascara wand style applicator with a gel-like formula. It’s the cheats way to perfect eyebrows, you could literally apply this blind and still have awesome eyebrows. Tidies, tints and plumps up your brows in seconds. Available in four shades from blonde to brown/black.

 Out now and available instore or at

Clinique what's your line chubby mascara

Clinique what's your line chubby mascara super skinny eye liner