Lilac Favourites

purple lilac favourites lula magazine

I thought it would be fun to show some of my current favourite things which all happen to be lilac or purple. It’s funny, as I have never been a huge fan of the colour purple, but recently I have been loving lilac.

Timothy Dunn Candle

Meet Timothy Dunn Mimosa Blossom & Violets Candle. This is the Zeitgeist and the item which started my new found love of lilac. This candle smells like violets blended with flowers and citrus notes, it’s such a beautiful fragrance that I am now on the lookout for something exactly the same to wear as a perfume. It’s one of my favourite ever scented candles ever which is why it took me weeks to finally light it as I loved it so much I didn’t want to burn it down and use it up!

Lush Yummy Mummy

I have a major Lush obsession and currently I can’t get enough of their shower gels and massage bars. Yummy Mummy is a limited edition shower gel which was released for Mother’s Day earlier this year. I got a small bottle to try and I loved it so much I bought an extra one as didn’t know if they would ever re-release this shimmery purple joy! I can’t quite work out exactly what it smells like, but it’s classic Lush, fruity, floral and sweet. The lilac colour references berries rather than violets and I can’t get enough!

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones

These Diamond Tears Headphones by Monster really float my tech-boat. The sound quality is amazing and the look of them is too cool not to show off! They have a small crystal on each ear and the design mimics a giant black diamond. They come in gold and irridencent silver, but the black has more of a purple-tone oil slick finish which is super cool. If you need to take them off and store them away, they are handbag friendly and fold up to save space!

Miu Miu Purple Glitter Sunglasses

These Miu Miu glasses are so beautiful and the cat eye shape is so flattering, I’m kind of addicted to buying them in loads of different colours. I have them in pink as well as purple and I’m tempted to buy them in black crystal finish too! Such a good design and a really fair price for such a fabulous finishing touch to any look!

Lula Magazine

I have recently been getting out all my old back issues of Lula Magazine and flicking through them for inspiration. I forget how much I love Lula, it really is the most beautiful magazine! I don’t know how the Lula girls do it, but holy smokes they are good! This lilac themed front cover is one of my favourites.

Bleach Violet Skies

I bought this Bleach London Violet Skies hair dye a while ago and I still haven’t used it, but I am crazy tempted to! I love having a pink tint to my locks, but I’m worried lilac might be a little cold for my skin tone. If anyone has any advice, please pass it on!!

Indeed Labs Fillume Serum

It’s quite unusual to see skin care in purple packaging I think, but Indeed Labs always think outside the box with their products and designs. This Fillume Serum is one of my current favourite skin care products. It’s a gel like formula which is packed full of hyaluronic acid and it helps plumps up the skin and increase hydration without feeling like you are layered up with loads of products. It seems to instantly soak into the skin with no residue and my skin looks much more plumped up after, it also gives my foundation a smoother finish. I need to re-buy the Indeed Labs Fillume Moisturiser, as I really loved it, but I want to use the two together!

Which are your favourites? 

timothy Dunn candle lilac and mimosa

indeed labs fillume serum