Fashion: Same items, different occasions

lulu guinnes red leather frame lips clutch bag

emu boots black slouch style summer

boden floral shoes beaded embelished

We have all been there, your friend / relative is getting married and you have nothing to wear. You go to a bunch of high street shops and you hate every single ‘Wedding Guest Dress’. You go in to Coast, fall in love with a super cute dress, but you know you will probably only wear it one time as you just don’t go to that many formal events. You purchase the dress from Coast regardless, because it’s beautiful and you want to look nice in the photos, but a part of you feels sad that you will never wear it again.

Or maybe that’s just me?! 

This is the Coast dress I bought. The print is dreamy, the colours are perfect, I love the length and the small sleeve. I have teamed it with a Lulu Guinness Lips handbag, which I can wear it over my shoulder or as a clutch. It’s a cute handbag and it’s a sweet reference to romance. As for my shoes, they are by Boden, they have a small chunky heel which is easy to walk in and gives me a little height. Done!

Once the Wedding is over… 

This dress is the perfect dress to wear as a wedding guest, but it doesn’t have to end there. Once again, I team it with the Lulu Guinness Clutch bag, but I wear it Cross body or over my shoulder. I wear a smart and simple Linea leather jacket and comfortable slouch boots by Emu. It’s smart but a tiny bit rock ‘n’ roll.

Some dresses are too special to wear just the one time! 

emu boots black leather slouch style

linea cream leather jacket

emu boots black leather slouch style