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timothy dunn london violet candle

I always try to find the positive in any situation. For instance, I live in a tiny flat in a super cool part of London. The rooms are so small, I struggle to store my bags and shoes, however, it’s not so bad, as when I burn scented candles, the room fills with fragrance fast and that’s the silver lining!

Mimosa Blossom & Violet Candle

This Timothy Dunn London Two Twenty Mimosa Blossom & Violet Candle is pure joy! I could live in a hole in the ground with this candle and not feel sad. It smells like the most beautiful violets you can imagine, mixed with sweet floral blossoms. I had this candle for a month before I started to burn it, I must have picked it up, smelt it and put it down about 50 times over that that month. I love the scent, but I almost didn’t want to burn it as I liked it so much I wanted to save it. So I waited until it was a little cooler, closed the windows and I decided when I had burnt it down, I would buy myself a new one.

Two Twenty

Timothy Dunn is a florist by trade and this candle is inspired by the first ever shop he opened on 220 Fulham Palace Road. He hung bunches of dried lavender all over the ceiling and the scent of the dried flowers mixed with the scent of the fresh flowers in the store. Imagine mimosa, roses, sweet honey, orange blossom and of course, lots of violets on a warm Summer afternoon.


From the lilac coloured jar, to the stunning scent, this Mimosa Blossom & Violet Candle is beautiful. I am secretly hoping that one day Timothy Dunn expands into perfumes as I would love to wear this fragrance, but until then, I love it burning in my tiny flat!

What’s your current favourite home scent? 

timothy dunn london violet candle

timothy dunn london violet candle