Beauty: 5 Ways To Get Festival Ready

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Glastonbury is over, but there is a whole Summer of Festival Fun ahead of us! Whilst we all love a good festival, beauty wise, festivals are harrrrrddddd! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to look and feel good when you are sleeping in a tent, drinking too much, showering too little and somewhere between muddy and sunburnt.

Preparation Is Everything

Ahead of the festival, make sure you are on top of your beauty reigime. Exfoliate, tan, shave, touch up your roots and pluck your eyebrows. It will pay off when you are at the festival, your legs will look a whole lot better in shorts and wellies if you have a tan and shaved legs. I know when I have bad roots they get greasy much quicker and get darker quicker, so if you are due a visit to the hairdresser, do it pre-festival, not post-festival.

I Love: Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor – small but effective!

Shower Time

If you decide to try and get a festival shower, pick an obscure time to do it. Either crazy early in the morning or mid-afternoon. You might have to queue, it might be cold, but it will be totally worth the effort! Pack a small but fluffy towel as well as a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower and travel mini’s to save backpack space. Talc is handy for after you shower, if you get changed in the shower cubical, it can be hard getting dry and talc will dust you down and make getting dressed easier. Make sure you take a deodorant you trust, it’s not the time to buy ‘whatever is on offer’ or try out a new brand. If you want to go hardcore with your deodorant, trust Mitchum.

I Love: Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel (limited edition) – Smells so pretty and it will brighten up your cubical shower!

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Protect Your Skin

Everyone prepares for bad weather at festivals, but it’s not always rain-macs and ponchos, it’s often hot sun and sunglasses. Plan for the sun as well as the rain and wear a high factor suncream each day. There isn’t really any shelter at festivals, from the campsite to the main stage, it’s all outdoors. Don’t forget to do apply cream on the back of your neck and shoulders and put plenty on your face, chest and shoulders.

I Love: Nuxe Sun SPF 30 – it glides over your skin, leaves no residue and smells like Summer!

Keeping Clean

Urgh! Keeping clean at a festival is so hard! There is no good way to do this, but my best advice is to try and get at least one shower (see above). Aside from that, load up on face wipes, baby wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser, tissues and talc. Make sure you have used the face wipes before and you know they work on your skin, some don’t shift eye make up, whilst others can sting your eyes or skin. Test them out before you get to the festival to make sure you are buying ones which agree with your skin, yet remove your make-up.

I Love: Simple Kind To Skin Face Wipes – cheap and removes even stubborn eye make-up!


Make-up is a tricky one at festivals, the more you wear, the more you have to take off at 3am when drunk in a dark tent. Personally I try to take as little as possible and make sure that they are multi-purpose products or mini’s. The Benefit kits are great as they have lots of mini versions of their classic products as well as a nice big mirror built into them. Topshop Beauty have some amazing glitter and shimmer products to make you sparkle in the crowd. If you go for glitter, use it on your cheekbones, not around your eyes, there is nothing worse than waking up to glitter scratching your eyes! A bold lip always adds a good pop of colour to your face too and sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun and hide those dark circles.

I Love: Benefit Rockitude Kit for it’s big mirror and mini essentials, as well as Topshop Beauty Party Proof Mascara and Glitter.

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Some of your beauty packing essentials

Small Towel, Flip flops, Travel Sized Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner, Talc, Deodrant, Face Wipes, Baby Wipes, Dry Shampoo, Hand Sanitiser, Tissues, Suncream, Sunglasses, Make-up minis and multi-purpose products, Glitter, Ear Plugs.