What’s In My Handbag 

sophie fleming handbag brown tan leather

It’s that time of the month, when I don’t have my time of the month and therefore I am brave enough to empty out the contents on my bag and share it online. Want to know what’s in my handbag right now?

Well, first of all, I think I should mention my handbag. It’s by Sophie Fleming, made of beautiful thick leather and manufactured in Britain. I love how sleek it is, it’s classic yet modern. If you want to see how I styled it, check here and here.

Now that it’s Summer, sunglasses are essential and I am loving my new Tom Ford Sunnies. They are from Pretavoir and they are so cool and fabulous I can’t stop looking at them. I love the cat eye shape of them and the subtle tortoishell finish. Beyond fabulous!

My card holder is by Chanel, I have not carried around a real purse in ages. These days I seem to just cram my essential cards in this card holder and if I need some change I tend to just leave it loose in my bag. It’s amazing how much a full sized purse and change weighs, which is why I have stopped carrying it around. I pay for most things on my card these days.

I’m a lipstick addict and I usually have about five floating around in the bottom of my bag, but at the moment there is just this one by Nars at ASOS Beauty. It’s pretty much the ultimate lipstick though. It’s a stunning colour, perfect finish and lasts for ages. When you have this, you don’t really need the extra four! I do love to carry Kiko Lip Marker around as well, I use it as a lipliner and fill in my lips, as when my lipstick starts to wear away, it really helps make the wear-off less offensive. My eyeliner is Yazbukey for Shu Uemura I love the pen applicator and the heavily pigmented finish it gives. I’m not normally seduced by limited edition packaging, but this was one collaboration I had to have! My powder is also by Nars at ASOS Beauty, it’s perfect for evening out my skin tone half way through the day and hiding any shine.

My lipbalm is by Nuxe, it’s a nice thick balm and it smells slightly of orange blossom. It’s natural and super hydrating, it smells lovely and works a treat on my dry lips (and any other dry patches like cuticles). I recently got this mini tube of Espa ProDefence Moisturiser, which is perfect size to carry around in my handbag. I’m a huge fan of Espa products and this is a light, hydrating cream which is perfect for the bottom of my handbag during summer as it has an SPF 15 in it. I use it for a hit of moisture as well as a little sun protection.

I am working on a blog post which includes all photos taken with this Lomo’Instant Camera, so I have been carrying around this camera, just in case I come across any good opportunities to take pictures with it! Doesn’t it fit perfectly with my handbag?

On the days when I am taking outfit pictures, I often carry around fold-up flat shoes in my handbag, just in case I need to run across town for another meeting, or incase my shoes start to hurt. There is nothing worse than aching shoes and these fold away shoes by Butterfly Twists weigh practically nothing and take up barely any space in my bag… easy!

Now that it is Summer, I often find myself eating lunch or grabbing a snack in one of London’s beautiful parks or squares. I have taken to carrying around Soap & Glory’s Hand Maid Anti-bacterial Hand Gel with me, just in case I can’t get to wash my hands before I eat. There we have it… my current handbag and it’s contents!

What’s in your handbag? 

What's In My Handbag sophie fleming

soap and glory hand maid anti-bacterial gel

butterfly twists shoes

nuxe lip balm natural french skin care

tom ford cat eye sunglasses tortoiseshell



  1. June 12, 2015 / 8:11 pm

    Need to try the Nuxe Lip balm, sounds great! I keep the Soap and Glory hand gel in my bag, super convenient and smells great!

    • fashionforlunch
      June 12, 2015 / 10:36 pm

      Ah so glad you like it too!! Xxx

  2. June 12, 2015 / 11:09 pm

    🙂 Those shoes are very pretty! 🙂

    • fashionforlunch
      June 13, 2015 / 12:36 pm

      Thank you!!!

  3. June 14, 2015 / 9:11 pm

    Your bag is fabulous 🙂 I just might have to get myself one!

    • fashionforlunch
      June 14, 2015 / 10:51 pm

      Ah! It’s such a good bag! You will love it if you do!

  4. amexpresso
    June 18, 2015 / 2:04 am

    Woow, those are nice things to have in your handbag. I loved your chanel wallet. Really cool

    • fashionforlunch
      June 18, 2015 / 11:22 pm

      Thank you so much xxx

  5. June 23, 2015 / 8:21 pm

    Those shoes are so cute!

    • fashionforlunch
      June 23, 2015 / 11:27 pm

      Thank you so much!!!